13-year-old caught driving electric scooter during ‘Bible rain’ on Dorset’s A road

Dorset Police specialist road crews shared a disturbing image of a rain-soaked electric scooter they caught driving on an A-road near Sherborne.

Posting on the Dorset Police road pages without excuse, the team say: ‘The rain was sometimes biblical yesterday, with flash floods and very low visibility it was not the perfect time to get out on the roads .

“A driver can expect anything to happen at any time, however, a 13-year-old child riding an electric scooter in torrential rain on the Babylon Hill four-lane highway does not. probably not gone!

“He no longer has the scooter and we are working with the family to avoid a tragedy.”

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The A30, Babylon Hill, is a two-lane road in North Dorset which connects Sherborne to Yeovil in Somerset. It has a national speed limit of 70 mph.

Sherborne Police have also issued an alert regarding what appears to be the same incident. Sharing a post on Facebook yesterday (January 8), the team commented: “” Today, officers stopped an electric scooter and a cyclist on the westbound A30 in lane one. The rider was diverting other road users to avoid them in adverse weather and driving conditions.

Fortunately, the biker in this case was brought home safely by local agents, but the scooter will not be returned to them.

“Remember, private electric scooters can only be used on private land.”

Dorset Police have been contacted for comment.

Do you think the rules for using electric scooters are clear? Let us know in the comments or email us at [email protected]

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