14-year-old gang shooter should be identified, judge says

A judge has lifted an order protecting the identity of a 14-year-old gunman convicted of murder after shooting another teenager in a gang attack in Birmingham.

Yussuf Mustapha, of Birmingham, faces a mandatory life sentence alongside three other teenagers convicted earlier this month for the murder of Keon Lincoln, 15, near his home in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Jurors also convicted a fifth accused of manslaughter after learning how Keon was stabbed and shot in the stomach in Linwood Road, then later died in Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Victim: Keon Lincoln, who was murdered near his home in Handsworth. Credit: West Midlands Police / PA

A five-week trial learned that Keon suffered eight stab wounds and one fatal wound to his abdomen as a result of one of the two shots fired at around 3:35 p.m. on January 21.

Mustapha, who was born in Italy and would do well in the same high school as Keon, has been ordered to be appointed by a judge ahead of a sentencing hearing on Monday.

Lifting a previous court order, Lord Justice William Davis said the measure had represented a “substantial restriction” on the press’ ability to report on the case.

In addition to deciding that it was in the public interest to appoint Mustapha, the judge said that a 16-year-old convicted of murder must be named.

But the judge suspended the lifting of the order on the 16-year-old, pending the outcome of an appeal against his conviction.

The address of either youth cannot be disclosed, the judge said.

The QCs acting for the two young people had argued against a request filed by the PA news agency for the court to lift the order.

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