Ethical code

Our mission

We teach you the pillars of our philosophy.

At we want to be the short and medium term solution for the little unforeseen events in your life.

You are very important to us and helping you responsibly is our goal.

Here are the bases of our code of ethics, which is the axis of all parts of our company and is based on three fundamental pillars:

Be responsible with our credits

Be transparent in dealing with the client

Be fair

These pillars are clearly seen on our website : showing you the information in a clear and simple way, explaining each step and showing you the costs, fees and conditions at all times, using a clear and easy to understand language.

In our customer service : Being responsible when approving credits, being transparent, kind and sincere in dealing with the client, and always being fair.


  • You will never be prompted to request more than the amount you really need.
  • We describe our service clearly at all times and we will always be honest with you , communicating your credit expenses in advance as well as any other information you need.
  • We will never allow you to request more than € 300 for the first time.
  • We have no hidden costs , and we will clearly explain the costs of managing the loan in case of delay or non-payment and the pertinent actions to our company policy.
  • We will never increase or change our costs during the duration of the service.
  • We work with a very advanced credit management system, we will also analyze how responsible you have been when using our service in the past.
  • We use all the information you provide us and the information in the public domain to make the best decision when offering you credit, based on your circumstances and your financial capacity, which affect your possibility of repayment.
  • We are aware that circumstances may change , so if you use our services again in the future, we will base our decision on a review of your current situation using our automated systems. We may deny a future request and reserve the right to do so, in the interest of both parties.
  • We will always encourage you to settle your debt within the established period and we will always keep in contact with you: sending you information and reminders of your payment commitment, the pending amount and the date of termination of your credit.
  • We are always available to you during our office hours from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 08:00 to 19:00 . You can contact us at any time through the online chat on our website, by email or by phone at 301 259 6911 .
  • If you have any questions or complaints, we will try to resolve them quickly within a maximum period of 48 business hours .
  • We will only extend the term of your loan if you request it and when we consider it to be in your interest, based on your financial circumstances. We will always clearly explain the additional costs of this extension and we will ask you to pay the interest on the current credit before making it effective. This extension will have a maximum duration of 30 days in addition to the duration of the initial microcredit.
  • If your financial situation changes, you will always be treated in the same way and with the same respect.
  • We will always ensure that any third party that works with us strictly adheres to our company policy and code of ethics.