How Credit works Yes

Applying for a credit at is very easy: select the amount you need and when you are going to return it, fill in the request form and you are ready to receive your money .

You choose how much money you need and when you are going to return it , and we inform you of the management costs that this will entail - we do not hide anything in terms of costs so that you do not get any surprises. Our mission is to be transparent, responsible and fair always .

Our goal is to process each request in a matter of minutes and if it is approved we will send you the money in the next 15 minutes .

Once registered with us, if you request a new credit, your request will be processed automatically, which means a much faster service for you!

We offer a maximum of 300 euros to clients who request their mini-credit for the first time. If you use our service correctly and responsibly, we will increase your level of trust with us and thus be able to offer you a higher amount of money in case you return to work with us.

At we are responsible when granting and we rely on a strict code of ethics to ensure we offer the best possible service to our clients.

If you still have questions about how we work, or about how to request your money, visit the help section of our website.


We will always tell you exactly how much you will have to pay when returning your credit, there are no hidden costs, or hidden fees so that you do not get any surprise when you return your money. We like to give you as much information as possible so that you can see exactly how much your credit will cost you before requesting it.

The only way that the cost of your credit increases quickly is if you do not return your credit on the agreed date. The moment you do not fulfill your payment commitment with us, you generate a series of administrative processes that entail an additional expense, we do not earn money with these additional surcharges , nor do we like to apply them, we would prefer that each client return their money on time .

We will keep in touch with you both throughout your mini-credit and you and our operators will always be at your disposal to help you and resolve any questions you may have throughout the process, both to request the credit or you and to return it.


If at any time your circumstances get worse for any reason and you cannot return the credit on time, you can always make an extension by paying only for the extra days in the case of mini credits only. In our company we greatly value contact with you and we will work together to find the best solution for both parties. If you do not help us find a solution, and we cannot recover the money from the credit, you would leave us no choice but to pass your file to a collection agency that will contact you to recover the outstanding amount of the money. If this situation lasts for a while, your debt will be recorded in delinquency files . This will limit your possibilities when requesting any type of credit, since many entities consult this database. We believe that all this is not worth risking, so if you have doubts about your ability to repay the credit on time, please do not request it . We as a company are committed to lending money responsibly and we ask that you use this service responsibly as well.