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Recent heavy rains have brought to light one of the most common but extremely difficult to solve environmental problems: untreated or partially treated wastewater flowing into our rivers, lakes and streams. The influx of rainwater through cracked pipes or faulty manhole covers, and the infiltration of groundwater through deteriorated sewer lines can overwhelm a sewer system and send wastewater down the drain. streams.

We call these SSOs, or sanitary sewer overflows. Water bodies contaminated by wastewater can carry E. coli and other bacteria and pose health risks to the public.

Of course, the influx and infiltration of water is not the only cause of DED. Blockages of sewer lines due to the removal of household grease or roots, broken pipes, power outages, vandalism, inadequate capacity or design of the sewer system and equipment failure can all cause sanitary sewer overflows. In fact, the country’s aging and outdated infrastructure, including municipal sanitary sewer systems, also creates special challenges for these systems and environmental regulators.

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