A chance to have your say on the draft air quality action plan

A draft Air Quality Action Plan has been published and Dorset Council is seeking your opinion on the plan.

This air quality action plan (AQPA) has been produced in accordance with the statutory obligations of the board required by the Local Air quality Management framework. While this action plan is created due to the air quality management area declared to Chideock for nitrogen dioxide, air quality (especially particulate matter) is a concern. for residents and visitors to Dorset. This plan outlines the actions the council will take to improve air quality for both nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter across the Dorset council area. This plan will be active between 2022 and 2027 and will be linked to the work the council is doing in the context of its declared climate change emergency.

Air pollution is associated with several adverse health effects. It is recognized as a contributing factor to the onset of heart disease and cancer. In addition, air pollution particularly affects the most vulnerable in society: children and the elderly, as well as people with heart and lung problems.

Cllr Laura Miller Dorset Council portfolio holder for customer and community services said:

“In this Air Quality Action Plan, we describe how we will address the air quality issues under our control. We recognize that there are many areas of air quality policy which are beyond our control, but for which we may have useful evidence. We will continue to work with regional and central government on policies and issues beyond the direct influence of Dorset Council.

Air quality will be taken into account, as part of the action plan, as part of the review of the Dorset Council local plan, transport programs and other policy areas that seek to reduce air pollution. vehicle use, either by encouraging active travel, reducing travel demand, or increasing the use of non-diesel and gasoline vehicles. By taking this more strategic approach, air quality and associated health outcomes are expected to improve more generally across Dorset.

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Consultation ends January 9, 2022

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