Abandoned car blocks access to rural homes in Dorset

A CAR that had no road tax since last summer was found blocking access to homes after being abandoned by a driver.

Officers from North Dorset Police located the vehicle in Winterborne Kingston overnight over Easter weekend.

A police spokesman said the Vauxhall car was blocking access to a number of houses in a lane.

The vehicle is believed to be linked to a Dorset Traffic Cops and Dorset Police No Excuse Operation Dragoon target.

The car had not had road tax since August last year and was seized to prevent further offences, the spokesman said.

Dorset Police’s Operation Dragoon aims to target drivers most likely to kill people on the county’s roads.

It came after officers acknowledged that some motorists refuse to change their driving behavior and fail to see the potential consequences of their actions.

Road users are classified as high, medium, standard or unclassified risk offenders through regular reviews.

An unapologetic statement from Dorset Police said: ‘Operation Dragoon will ensure that these people are identified as soon as possible, with positive, persistent and proportionate action taken against them.

“‘High’ and ‘medium’ risk offenders will be assigned an officer in charge, who will focus on preventing them from escalating their behavior by engaging with the individual, family and friends.”

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