An international criminal organization dismantled in Seville

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An international criminal organization was dismantled in Seville. National police officers today intercepted a group of fraudsters allegedly committed to Internet scams.

A total of 45 people were arrested for defrauding more than 200 people in Spain, making a profit of almost 1.5 million euros. The leaders of the organization operated from Benign by people who acted as “mules”, who were even threatened with death.

The investigations began in July 2019, when the agents detected the existence of an international criminal group based in the Republic of Benin, from where they carried out and directed criminal activities in various European countries, mainly in Spain, in Germany. , Austria, France and Poland. . Although the scams were carried out from their home country, where they also received the fraudulent money, they recruited the “mules” or coerced them in the European countries where they operated.

Police efforts led to the detection of two perfectly designed modus operandi by members of the international criminal organization. On the one hand, they created fraudulent web portals where they offered computer, electronic and telephone products at prices below the market, with the particularity that payment had to be made by bank transfer to the accounts of the people who acted as “Mules”. A total of 20 bogus websites were detected and closed.

The second modus operandi used consisted of the publication of advertisements on various social networks offering the granting of bogus loans online, in which they pretended to be French finance companies. The false lenders made it a condition to open a current account on which they would be supposed to deposit the requested loan, and which had to be in the name of the victim, who was to deposit a sum of money ranging from 500 to 1,000 euros as a loan opening fee. In addition, they had to get a credit card and send it to Benin with online bank details and passwords. Once members of the international criminal organization had the cards in their possession, they withdrew the money deposited by the victim for processing fees and began the extortion.

Thanks to this elaborate fraud process, more than 200 complaints have been clarified throughout the national territory.

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