Anti-immigration protesters cut off traffic at Port of Dover

Traffic has been halted in the bustling port of Dover as anti-immigration protesters march to oppose migrant crossings.

Trucks have lined up along the A20 and are unable to reach the key commercial terminal, and a heavy police presence is at the scene.

About 50 people, many of them carrying English flags, protested loudly as they marched along the dual carriageway to the city.

A large police presence is at the scene in Dover (Andrew Matthews / PA)

There were chants of “English streets” from a small group of mostly men.

A protester, lying on the tarmac in front of the police, said: “If you can’t go abroad, lie on the street in Dover.”

At one point, a woman walked into the group of anti-immigration protesters to loudly confront them and was greeted with screams.

Officers have arrested a man so far, chasing him after a fun fair and confronting him in a store.

A large police presence is stationed around the town of Kent to oversee the protests, given levels of disorder in the past.

A protest last September saw anti-migrant protesters bring traffic to a halt in the busy port amid clashes with riot officers.

Suspected migrants
Earlier on Saturday, a group of people considered migrants were brought ashore in Dover by border forces (Andrew Matthews / PA)

The 2020 protests – carried out in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic – saw 10 people arrested.

The latest protest comes as people continue to make the dangerous journey across the Channel in small boats.

About 25 people wearing life vests and face masks were seen being brought to port by border forces earlier on Saturday.

Further level crossings are planned as British and French authorities continue to operate in the narrow Strait of Dover.

The number of people crossing the 21-mile body of water has nearly doubled so far in 2021, with more than 3,100 reaching the English coast.

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