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CEDAR HILL, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – When the weather turns cold, Kerry Poole’s business heats up.

The Arlington entrepreneur delivers “comfortable by the cord.”

“Crazy busy,” Poole shares as he unloads another delivery of firewood. “So busy, I ignore about 90% of my calls because I just can’t keep up!”

Poole knows that winter storm warnings translate to cold hard cash.

“Supply and demand. They need it. I try to supply,” says Poole. “I raise the prices a bit. Still probably cheaper than anybody else in that area.

It even surprised customers by making deliveries on Thursday, February 3 after the weather turned rough.

“I’m in the doghouse for not having it already!” shares a customer, delighted to receive his order.

Poole says he quit a corporate job to have more control, but with no one in control of the weather, memories of last February’s frost prompted customers to brace themselves.

“People have lost power and they are scared, so they order twice as much and twice as long.”

So now he says firewood is a 7 month season, although business heats up the most when the weather is freezing.

“I’ve been getting an insane amount of calls, probably 30-40 calls a day. I can’t deliver 40 truckloads of wood in one day. I’m doing my best.”

After all, when wind chills are in the single digits, a hot fire is a very hot commodity.

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