Beginning of the cycle path repair program

Dorset Highways will launch a cycle lane repair program in the new year to support active travel in the Weymouth area.

two images of damage to the bike path, one showing longitudinal cracking
Examples of damage requiring repair

Many sites suffer from severe cracks, warping and sagging – longitudinal defects posing a particular problem for cyclists, where the wheels could get stuck in the gaps.

The proactive repair program will begin in January and end at the end of March.

From January 10 to February 1, the shared use path alongside the Weymouth Rugby Club, behind Symonds Close, will be closed. The work includes the installation of a root protection system for the trees, to prevent them from rising to the surface of the path, before resurfacing the area. A gravel section between the rugby club and Lodmoor Country Park will also be improved.

On January 27, 28 and 31, Radipole Park Drive will be closed to cars, pedestrians and cyclists between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. for the resurfacing of the cycle path in poor condition and the refreshing of the markings.

From January 24 to February 16, the Preston Beach Road walking and cycling path next to the nature reserve will be closed 24 hours a day. The section between the home recycling center and Overcombe Corner is being resurfaced, and the section between the HRC and the skate park is widened and resurfaced.

In addition to repairs, a 400m circular section of the Weymouth Park and Ride overflow site will benefit from improved drainage and a new surface to create an informal running track.

This area is already used by local runners, as well as families teaching children to ride bikes, and the new surface will keep it in good condition for the benefit of the local community.

Other sites slated for repairs in 2022 also include:

  • cycle path behind Weymouth Pool
  • National Cycleway Network (NCN) trail between Maiden Newton Station and Chilfrome Lane
  • NCN Road from Lower Lewell to Wool
  • Sections of the Weymouth Relief Road cycle path
  • Spa Road cycle path ramp on the Weymouth Way cycle path
  • Rodwell Trail Sections

The clearing of the shoulders will also improve access along the Chickerell Link Road cycle path and along the cycle paths on Monkton Hill and Stinsford Hill.

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