Bournemouth has the fourth fewest pubs per person in the UK

BOURNEMOUTH was named among the cities with the fewest pubs for the population, according to the latest study.

In the UK there are around 47,000 pubs serving the 66 million people living in the UK. This represents around 1,000 pubs for 1.4 million inhabitants.

Naturally the number of pubs and people fluctuates across the UK, so which cities and regions have the most pubs per person?

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READ MORE: WEATHER: Forecast for Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole looked at the latest government data to find out the number of pubs in each local authority district, as well as the population in the same area.

They then divided the population by the number of pubs to determine which region of the country has the highest density of ads.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the country is fortunate enough to live in an area where there are a small number of people for each pub, and these are the areas where you will have the most local competition for a table.

The areas with the lowest number of pubs per person (Money.UK).

1 – Slough: 5,982 people per ad

The town with the unfortunate title of having the most people per pub is Slough with almost 6,000 people per pub. With only 25 pubs in total in the Slough area, this might not be the best place to have your first pint inside the pub.

2 – Luton: 4,734 people per ad

Luton takes second place for the lowest number of pubs per capita with just 45 pubs serving a population of over 200,000. That makes 4,734 people very busy per pub.

3 – Basildon: 4,680 people per ad

With over 185,000 residents in Basildon and only 40 pubs in the area, the town of Essex is the third worst place for pub-to-population ratio. With around one pub per 4,680 residents in Basildon, you might want to book a table if you’re hoping to go have a pint inside in the coming weeks.

4 – Bournemouth: 4,651 people per pub

There is a population of 395,331 in Bournemouth and only 85 pubs. That means there are 4,651 per ad – so you’d better book for the weekend.

5 – Antrim and Newtownabbey: 4,100 people per pub

Antrim and Newtownabbey takes fifth place for the lowest number of pubs per capita with just 35 pubs serving a population of over 143,504. That’s 4,100 people per ad.

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