Bridport woman kicked police officer

A WOMAN kicked a police officer after being arrested for spitting in a man’s face, a court has heard.

Hephizibah Elspeth Watts, 29, confronted a group of people in Beaminster on New Years Day, where she coughed in their face and spat in the face of one of the victims, claiming she had coronavirus.

These offenses were dealt with at Weymouth Magistrates Court in March and reported in the press.

Watts, of East Street, Bridport, returned to court last week to admit another offense the same day.

Magistrates learned that after committing the assaults in Beaminster, she was arrested at a petrol station on the A35 at Winterbourne Abbas. She was handcuffed and taken to Dorset County Hospital, and kicked out on a police officer while on her way.

Watts pleaded guilty to assault by beating an emergency worker.

Continuing, Richard Oakley said: “After the initial New Year’s Day incident, she was found and arrested.

“The officers were told to take him to the hospital. While in the police van, she slipped the handcuffs off. A policeman reapplied the handcuffs but was hit by a donkey by the accused after connecting to his leg.

“According to the officer, this caused considerable pain.”

Representative Watts, Lee Christmas said, “She had a mental health crisis.

“When she was in the van, she suffered from an injury to her arm and asked for help.

“She admits that what she did was wrong and since her initial court appearance she has engaged with the current (community) order imposed.”

Probation Officer Loretta Cox said, “She is engaged with Reach Response Partners and other agencies.

“She has had the longest period of current stability in some time.”

Magistrates said Watts’ progress was “encouraging.”

She was ordered to pay compensation of £ 50 to the victim.

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