Carbon houses will be built in the Powys

Dolforgan View real estate development in Kerry

The new energy efficient wood frame properties rated “A” EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) are being built by Wyro Green Homes as part of the final phase of their development in Dolforgan View, Kerry, near Newtown.

Forty-five homes have been built to date in phases one and two and the new net zero carbon homes will complete the 62 new home project in Kerry next summer.

Wyro Developments’ new Wyro green homes will use a range of building materials and technologies, meaning they will emit a net amount of zero CO2 as determined by the government-approved SAPS system, compared to the UK home average that emits five to six tonnes of CO2.

Technology includes air source heat pump heating, iBoost solar-to-hot water converter, photovoltaic solar panels, Passivhaus approved casement windows, triple-glazed windows, 100% LED lighting, vehicle charging points and a minimum of energy efficient A + appliances.

The properties are sold through estate agents Morris, Marshall and Poole with Norman Lloyd (MMP / NL). These are one, two and three bedroom houses, also benefiting from the Welsh Government’s Help to Buy equity loan scheme, meaning first-time buyers can buy with a five percent down payment.

“This is a really exciting development and one of the first Net Zero Carbon private housing programs to be built in the area,” said Huw Evans of MMP / NL.

“Wyro Developments Ltd is committed to helping fight climate change by incorporating the latest building materials and building technologies into the design and construction of new homes to achieve net zero CO2 emissions.

“They will be equipped with a range of kitchen and bathroom appliances and fiber broadband directly into every home.”

Reservations for “A” rated homes will begin in February 2022, although potential buyers can express their interest now to MMP / NL through its office in Newtown. Some will be available through the Welsh Government’s Help to Buy equity loan scheme.

Mark Bamber, of Wyro Developments Ltd, said they were proud to be among the first developers in the country to commit to building zero-carbon homes at relatively affordable prices, with very low running costs.

“We’ve always been proud of our new energy efficient homes, but our net zero homes are a big step forward in making zero carbon dioxide emissions a reality here in Powys. The recent COP26 climate summit highlighted how important it is that we act now to reduce carbon emissions and climate change.

“When you consider that an average house emits between five and six tonnes of CO2 per year, you quickly realize their impact on the environment. The technology we use in these 17 new homes will ensure that they have minimal impact for the benefit of the local and global environment.

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