Bouremouth news – Welcome To Poole Wed, 15 Sep 2021 11:36:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bouremouth news – Welcome To Poole 32 32 National highways confirm the A31 on Ringwood misalignment dates Wed, 15 Sep 2021 10:45:31 +0000 ROUTE users expect more than a year of traffic “chaos” as the dates for works on the A31 are confirmed.

As reported, National Highways (formerly Highways England) plans to introduce a third lane and widen the A31 at Ringwood later this year.

The aim of the £ 25million scheme is’ to improve safety, reduce congestion, improve journey time reliability and improve facilities for walkers, cyclists and riders in the region and connect the routes in and around the region ”.

Following a recent stakeholder meeting with National Roads as well as advisers from Ringwood and Dorset, it was revealed that a two-lane reverse flow system will be in service from January 4 to November 30, 2022.

The opposite direction will be maintained in an east and west direction while a third lane will be added on each side. Additional work is also required on the eastbound roadway to resolve drainage issues, the removal of a gantry and for road markings corrections.

This will be preceded by the digging of Mansfield Road next week and the closure of its westbound ramp from Ringwood in November.

National Highway A31 Program Manager Alan Feist said: “Connecting people and communities is at the heart of what we do and we have been working hard on traffic management and diversion plans for our improvements on the road. ‘A31 to Ringwood.

“Our plans will minimize impacts on road users as we tear down and replace the two westbound bridges and widen the three-lane highway. I can confirm that we will be able to maintain two lanes of traffic in each direction while we undertake the work from January to November 2022, with minimal disruption.

The A31 at Ringwood to undergo a major redevelopment

“We look forward to sharing our detailed plans at a number of public information events later this month. I encourage anyone interested in the upcoming program, or to log on electronically, to find out more about the work and what we are doing as we prepare to begin.

Ringwood City Council planning chairman and A31 Development Forum representative Cllr Philip Day told the Daily Echo he had “serious concerns” about the plans.

He said: “We are very concerned about the congestion that all of this work is likely to cause and the impact this will have on local businesses. This is not only something that will impact those in Ringwood, it will affect travel to Bournemouth, Christchurch as well as those living in Fordingbridge and traveling from Southampton.

“We have expressed our concerns on numerous occasions because this project is in a very difficult situation in terms of traffic management. It is extremely difficult to give advice because we do not know how people will react.

He added: “It remains to be seen whether the likely chaos justifies the end result, but it will have a significant impact for at least an entire year.”

Cllr Day added that westbound traffic from the M27 at the Ashley Heath roundabout would see journey times increase by around 31 minutes due to the backflow system.

Several public information events on the A31 take place online and in person. These will take place on:

  • Tuesday, September 21 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Microsoft Teams
  • Thursday September 23 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Ringwood City Council by appointment only
  • Monday September 27 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Verwood Hub by appointment only
  • Tuesday, September 28 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Microsoft Teams
  • Thursday, September 30 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Microsoft Teams

Anyone interested can reserve a place by sending an email to:

The A31 at Ringwood has been identified as an area in need of investment and is part of the government’s £ 15.2 billion road investment strategy to be implemented between 2020 and 2025.

In August, work to close off access to a West Street A31 slip road next to the Fish Inn pub was completed as part of the £ 25million scheme.

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Man charged with alleged rape in Poole Sat, 11 Sep 2021 08:30:18 +0000 The victim – a woman in her 30s – was approached by a stranger on a bicycle in the Westbourne area of ​​Bournemouth between 4.45am and 6am on Sunday 5 September.

The man traveled with the victim to the vicinity of Poole Road in Branksome, where the reported violation took place.

Following investigations by the Dorset Police Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT), a 29-year-old man from Poole has been charged with rape.

He is due to appear in Poole Magistrates’ Court today, Saturday September 11, 2021.

Detective Inspector Simon Huxter of MCIT said: “Following a detailed investigation, we consulted the Crown Prosecution Service, which cleared the charge.

“This case is now in court and, as is typical in these circumstances, it would be highly inappropriate for Dorset Police to comment further. It is important that the justice system can run its course.

“I would like to remind the public that this case is now the subject of an active legal process and it is important to stress that there should be no comments or sharing of information online or on social media that could potentially interfere with these procedures.

“Dorset Police will continue to support the victim throughout the legal process which will now follow and I would like to pay tribute to the public for their support following the appeals which aided the investigation.”

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AstraZeneca boss issues warning in UK on Covid booster vaccines Wed, 08 Sep 2021 09:16:48 +0000 Booster vaccines may not be necessary for everyone in Britain and rolling out third doses too quickly would be an “unnecessary burden” on the NHS, the AstraZeneca chief said.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph alongside the company’s executive vice president of biopharmaceutical R&D, Sir Mene Pangalos, and AstraZeneca chief executive Pascal Soriot, called on the government to be patient.

They stressed that the UK was “within weeks” of a definitive answer on the effectiveness of two doses in providing “continuous protective immunity”.

They said, “To move too quickly to expand the entire adult population will deprive us of this information, leaving this important decision to be based on limited data.

“A third dose for everyone may be needed, but maybe not. Mobilizing the NHS for an unnecessary building program would potentially add unnecessary burden to the NHS during the long winter months.

“Because NHS staff and resources are scarce, another national mobilization would potentially leave us with fewer resources for cancer screenings and other care provided by doctors and nurses each day. ”

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi recently told MPs that a vaccine booster program was “ready to go” as soon as the scientific advice for the program was approved.

What is the Covid Booster Vaccination Program?

More than half a million people with severely weakened immune systems who are most at risk of Covid will be offered another dose of vaccine starting this month, following a recommendation from the Joint Committee on Immunization and immunization (JCVI).

However, this announcement is separate from any decision on a recall program, with news on this expected soon.

The UK’s Chief Medical Officers of Health are also currently reviewing the broader benefits of immunizing 12-15 year olds after the JCVI declined to recommend widespread deployment in the age group on health grounds alone.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), a total of 668 deaths recorded in the week ending August 27 mentioned Covid-19 on the death certificate. This is the highest number since 719 deaths were recorded in the week to March 26.

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British troops hailed for response to Kabul explosion ‘carnage’ Sat, 04 Sep 2021 05:54:48 +0000 British troops have been praised for running into the “carnage” caused by a suicide bombing, which took place as they tried to help Afghans flee the Taliban.

Brigadier James Martin, commander of the 16th Air Assault Brigade, said the response to the attack near Kabul airport was “one of the most beautiful things I have seen”.

Its troops assisted injured Afghan civilians and provided support to their American counterparts.

He added that this included providing a perimeter security to allow US forces to evacuate their wounded and killed with “dignity” and in a safe manner.

At least 169 Afghans, 13 US servicemen, two Britons and the child of a British national died in a bomb attack by Isis-K, an Afghan branch of the Islamic State group, last week.

Brigadier Martin was speaking after his involvement in Operation Pitting, which evacuated more than 15,000 people from mid-August.

Addressing the bombing, he told reporters: “The way I saw our soldiers react to this incident was one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

“They ran towards the explosion, they provided immediate medical aid and support to Afghan civilians who had been wounded, they provided support to the Americans in explosive ordnance disposal and they provided a perimeter of security. so that Americans can remove their wounded and killed with dignity and under a safety screen.

Speaking to Sky News, he also said: “It was carnage, it is carnage. When this level of explosion and the combination of shrapnel explode, there is only one only result, and it is carnage.

Reflecting on the UK’s 20-year deployment to Afghanistan, Brigadier Martin also told reporters: “I think it’s fair to say that none of us would want to see Afghanistan where it is. currently.

“But I would observe a couple of things.

“In these 20 years not a single terrorist attack has come from Afghanistan and that is ultimately why the coalition went there in the first place.

“During this period, I think I am correct that about 6.3 million women were educated, a legacy that will continue – you cannot de-educate these women.

“I guess my last observation would be a question of myself, what is the price of 20 years of freedom for the people who lived in Afghanistan during that time?”

The Daily Telegraph reported that the Prince of Wales, Colonel-in-Chief of the Parachute Regiment, wrote to the troops while they were still in Afghanistan.

“You are not only an exceptional merit for the Parachute Regiment, but also for this country, which, without a doubt, is luckier than it can imagine to have people as dedicated and courageous as you. ready to move forward at such a crucial time. ,” he wrote.

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Double child killer Colin Pitchfork released from prison Wed, 01 Sep 2021 11:56:18 +0000 Double child killer Colin Pitchfork was released from prison after failed attempts to keep him behind bars any longer.

Now in his early 60s, Pitchfork was jailed for life after raping and strangling Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, 15, in Leicestershire in 1983 and 1986.

He was eventually arrested after the world’s first mass DNA screening – where 5,000 men in three villages were asked to provide blood or saliva samples – and admitted to two murders, two rapes, two bombings. modesty and a plot to pervert the course of justice.

Pitchfork became the first man convicted of murder based on DNA evidence in 1988.

His 30-year minimum sentence was reduced to two years in 2009, he was transferred to HMP Leyhill open prison in Gloucestershire three years ago, and he was released on Wednesday.

Dawn Ashworth was one of the young victims of Pitchfork (Topham / PA)

Dawn’s mother, Barbara Ashworth, said Pitchfork should have been kept behind bars for life, saying his crimes had reduced his life to an “existence” and adding: “I don’t think he should breathe the same look like us. “

Speaking to the PA News Agency, she said, “I can never forget it.

“I go back every day with people talking about their daughters and grandchildren. As I say, it’s with you on a daily basis, what you took and everything she could have achieved.

“I just think it should never have been allowed, he should never walk the streets again… he should have been locked up for life without parole as far as I’m concerned.”

“It’s an existence, it’s not a life. I’m not living a life, it’s just going from day to day.

“Something like that pulls the rug out from under you and you don’t realize how shattered your life can be when you just take it all off yourself. “

Following a hearing in March, the Parole Board ruled that Pitchfork was “fit for release”, although this was denied in 2016 and 2018.

The Andrew Marr Show
Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said he was disappointed with the parole board’s decision but respected it (Dominic Lipinski / PA)

In June, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland asked the council, which is independent of government, to reconsider the decision under the so-called reconsideration mechanism.

But the parole board dismissed the government’s challenge to its decision the following month, announcing that the request for reconsideration of the decision had been denied.

Mr Buckland expressed disappointment but said he respected the decision.

South Leicestershire Tory MP Alberto Costa, who campaigned against the liberation, said he was “extremely saddened and deeply disappointed” by the news, warning: “In my opinion, Pitchfork still poses a very real danger for the public “.

Pitchfork is now subject to more than 40 license conditions, which the Department of Justice (MoJ) described as among the most stringent “ever set.” Typically, there are seven standard conditions for offenders leaving prison, but Pitchfork will need to meet 36 other requirements.

Safeguard Minister Victoria Atkins told LBC that there was a “very strict control regime” on offenders leaving prison, when asked if she was happy with Pitchfork’s release plan and if it was confident in the safeguard measures that will be put in place. .

Pitchfork will be on the sex offender registry and will have to live at a designated address, be supervised by probation, wear an electronic tag, participate in polygraph tests – lie detector – and will have to disclose which vehicles he uses and who he talks to. while being confronted with particular limits in terms of contact with children.

He will be under a curfew, have restrictions on the use of technology, and face limitations on where he can go.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said the department’s “heartfelt sympathies” remain with the families, adding: “Public safety is our top priority, which is why it is subject to some of the most severe licensing requirements. strict never set and will remain under surveillance for the rest of its life.

“If he breaks these conditions, he risks immediate return to prison. “

The government plans to overhaul the parole system, with a review expected later this year. He also sought to change the law so that child killers are sentenced to life behind bars without parole.

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DVLA Covid-19 office security dispute enters week 20 Sat, 28 Aug 2021 09:34:52 +0000 A Covid-related security dispute at the headquarters of the Driver’s License and Vehicle Agency is entering its 20th week, with the threat of further industrial action.

Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union members at the Swansea site are asked if they want to take further action amid lingering concerns about health and safety measures related to the pandemic.

The DVLA insists it makes sure its offices are safe for staff, saying it is following official advice on handling the coronavirus.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka wrote to the agency to say that workers’ resolve is “stronger than ever,” adding that its members should not be blamed for delays in DVLA services as a result. conflict.

He said, “I understand people’s frustrations with the delays of some DVLA services, but I want to make it clear that the fault lies not with our safety-conscious members, but with DVLA management and government.

“In June, our negotiating team was in talks with DVLA management to reach a fair settlement that would end the dispute satisfactorily.

“We were then told that this agreement was withdrawn by a member of the government at the eleventh hour.

“Agreements negotiated in good faith should not be vetoed by government ministers without justification or explanation. Clearly, this decision to veto the deal has compounded the delays and backlogs.

(PA Graphics)

“The backdrop to these latest developments is the continuing rise in infection rates across Wales.

“The rates of Covid cases in Wales are now at their highest level since the second peak in January and Swansea has the highest infection rates in the whole country, at 500 per 100,000 people.

“This context is important because this dispute is, after all, about a fundamental right: the right of employees to be safe in their workplace.

“After all they have been through, our members remain determined and determined to get the settlement they deserve.

A spokesperson for the DVLA said the safety of its staff was “paramount”.

“Staff who can perform their role at home continue to do so, while those who cannot perform their usual duties at home work on site.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have worked closely with Public Health Wales as well as with Swansea Environmental Health and the Health and Safety Executive, who have carried out regular site visits and inspections and have repeatedly confirmed a high level of compliance with control measures. “

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What the Newspaper Say – August 23 Sun, 22 Aug 2021 23:45:06 +0000 Boris Johnson’s long-awaited appeal to Joe Biden to extend his deadline for grace flights from Kabul amid strained US-UK relations made headlines on Monday.

The Prime Minister will plead with US President Joe Biden tomorrow at the virtual summit of G7 leaders to leave US troops at Kabul airport beyond the end of August to facilitate evacuations, The Guardian reports.

And the I says tensions are growing between Britain and the United States over how long Mr Biden plans to leave his troops at the airport.

The Daily mail tells a similar story and adds that fears that mercy flights from Kabul will be interrupted within 48 hours.

The Daily Express also leads on this increasingly tense issue, under the title “Time is running out for trapped British”.

Corn The temperature said Britain’s deadline for humanitarian flights had been extended and that there would be a “mass airlift” to evacuate 6,000 Britons and Afghans from the “chaos of Kabul”.

The daily telegraph Also says Mr Johnson will “push Biden” on withdrawal from Afghanistan, while also signaling the urgency of Covid may mean flu shots will not be effective this winter.

The Financial Time picks up on another geopolitical aspect of the US-led pullout under the headline “Johnson Hosts Crisis Talks As Role Emerges for China and Russia.”

And Metro focuses on the British paratrooper shown holding a baby in an iconic Kabul airport image, which says “I was just doing my duty”.

In other news, the Daily Mirror Says the family of a woman damaged to her left brain by Beverley Allitt fear the “murder nurse” will soon be released from prison on parole.

And the Star of the day leads on forecasts of a new heat wave for Britain.

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H&M at Commercial Road, the last store to close for good Sun, 22 Aug 2021 16:22:03 +0000 H&M at Commercial Road will close next month, a trend which the Bournemouth town center BID says is being repeated across the country.

The store will close on September 12, with a spokesperson directing people to the Castlepoint store.

The spokesperson said: ‘H&M Bournemouth will close on 12 September.

“At H&M we are constantly reviewing our store portfolio, the decision to close this particular store was part of the long term strategy to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience in the right places.

“Customers can continue to purchase quality clothing at the best price from our nearby Castlepoint store or online.”

It was not known how many jobs would be lost or how many stores across the country were closing.

Bournemouth town center BID chairman Martin Davies has said independent businesses will help the town take over.

He said: “It is unfortunate that we are losing a great national brand and my sincere condolences go out to the staff members.

“But it’s a pattern that is repeating itself in city centers and shopping streets up and down the country, in large part because of changing consumer habits.

“National names play an important role in the vitality of our city centers, but a key driver of our success will be independent and independent retail and hospitality businesses.

“They will drive recovery and revitalization and many of them show a vibrant business in our downtown area. We also have the good news that Bobby’s service is returning to the Debenhams building. ”

Davies added that the closure would add urgency to BCP council’s downtown strategy and he also urged landlords to take a more flexible approach to critical issues such as rents and leases.

Bobby’s store was scheduled to open on August 7, but was pushed back to September 9 after workers were surveyed by the NHS app.

The store’s arrival will create 260 new jobs, Verve Properties said, and would be a transformation for the Square.

Ashley Nicholson, Director of Verve, said: “Historically, Bobby’s has always been at the heart of downtown and the community.

“So we’re really excited to be able to bring good news about job creation on our main street as so many retail areas across the UK are in decline.

“We look forward to recruiting a team that will help us integrate Bobby’s into a downtown area that truly serves the local community.

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Seven Afghans killed in chaos at Kabul airport Sun, 22 Aug 2021 06:44:18 +0000 Seven other Afghan civilians have been killed in the chaos surrounding Kabul International Airport, the British military said on Sunday, showing the danger still facing those trying to flee the Taliban takeover of the country.

The deaths came as a new perceived threat from the Islamic State group’s affiliate in Afghanistan saw US military planes make quick combat landings and dives at the airport surrounded by Taliban fighters.

Other planes fired flares on takeoff, in an attempt to confuse possible homing missiles.

A US Navy assists evacuees at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan (Sgt Isaiah Campbell / US Marine Corps / AP)

The changes came as the U.S. Embassy issued a new security warning on Saturday, telling citizens not to travel to Kabul airport without individual instruction from a U.S. government official.

Officials declined to provide further details on the ISIS threat, but described it as significant.

They said there had not yet been any confirmed attacks by militants, who fought the Taliban in the past.

The British military confirmed the deaths of seven civilians in Kabul on Sunday.

There has been crushing and crushing injuries in the crowds, especially as Taliban fighters fire in the air to chase those desperate to catch a flight out of the country.

The UK Ministry of Defense said in a statement: “Conditions on the ground remain extremely difficult, but we are doing everything possible to handle the situation in the safest and most secure manner possible.”

Afghanistan left behind
Hundreds of people gather near a US Air Force C-17 transport plane along the perimeter of Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan (Shekib Rahmani / AP)

Thousands of people rushed to the airport last Monday in chaotic scenes that saw the United States attempting to clear the runway with low-flying attack helicopters. Several Afghans died as they were suspended from the side of a US military cargo plane.

It was difficult to know the scale of the deaths and injuries due to the chaos.

The Biden administration is considering asking U.S. commercial airlines to provide planes and crews to help transport Afghan refugees once they are evacuated from their country by military planes.

As part of the voluntary Civil Reserve Air Fleet program, which emerged as a result of the Berlin Airlift, civilian airlines are bolstering the capabilities of military aircraft during a national defense crisis.

The US Transportation Command said on Saturday it issued a warning to US carriers on Friday evening regarding the possible activation of the program. If called, commercial airlines would transport evacuees from crossing stations outside Afghanistan to another country or from Dulles International Airport in Virginia to US military bases.

Afghan Baradar
Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar returned from Qatar to Kandahar earlier this week (Alexander Zemlianichenko / Pool / AP)

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s top political leader has arrived in Kabul for talks on forming a new government.

The presence of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who returned from Qatar to Kandahar earlier this week, was confirmed by a Taliban official.

Baradar negotiated the 2020 militant peace deal with the United States, and he is now expected to play a key role in negotiations between the Taliban and Afghan government officials that the militant group toppled.

Afghan officials familiar with talks in the capital said the Taliban have said they will not make any announcements about their government until the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of US troops.

Abdullah Abdullah, a senior official in the ousted government, tweeted that on Saturday he and ex-President Hamid Karzai met with the Taliban’s acting governor for Kabul, who “assured us he would do everything possible for security of the population “of the city.

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Online retail businesses managed from storage units Wed, 11 Aug 2021 04:00:00 +0000 HUNDREDS of retail businesses are run from self-storage units as some businesses move off Main Street and others grow from home-based businesses, it is claimed.

Bournemouth-based Store & Secure says many other retailers have taken up space on its sites over the past five years and the number has grown significantly since Covid.

Almost a third of all retail sales are now made over the Internet and this figure is expected to continue to rise.

The family-owned business said start-ups that had started in “dining rooms and guest rooms” were increasingly joining its mix of customers.

Store & Secure, run by sisters Lucy and Sophie Maidman, opened its first branch in Yeomans Way, Bournemouth, in 2010.

Lucy said: “The growth in this part of the business has been spectacular and we will be able to support many more online retailers and start-ups when we open new facilities.

“We have former traders and market stalls that have moved into our units.

“And many start-ups that have grown from their dining rooms and guest rooms are taking up space with us as they grow.

“A lot of people will come in the morning before their full-time job, pack the orders and have them shipped before they do a day’s work.

“We take deliveries for them and let them know they’ve arrived – a service that’s all included in the cost.

“All kinds of things are sold on our sites, including vinyl records, sealed candy, furniture, baskets, phone accessories, books and clothing. We have units of different sizes available, and customers move in and out based on stock levels and other requirements.

“It’s like having a shopping street in our facilities and every morning and evening while customers take out their orders.

“Some people have built successful businesses in our units and have since moved to their own larger premises.

“An increasing number of customers are those who started trading online during the foreclosure.

“The business element of our business was something we didn’t really anticipate when we first opened, but over the past five years it has grown.

“We identified the trend early and encouraged that part of the business that was massively accelerated by the lockdowns.

“There are several hundred retailers based at our facilities in Bournemouth and Basingstoke. ”

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