the most expensive startups in the world

The unicorn is a mythical creature usually represented as a horse with a single horn. According to legends, a unicorn is an extremely rare and powerful animal, it symbolizes purity, strength, chastity and luck. But what does business have to do with this? Unicorn Hunting Investors This term first appeared …

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Larry Fink has religion in America’s return | Zoom Fintech

Traders have a way to sniff out the reality and what they’re sniffing at now regarding COVID-19 is largely due to the catastrophic and gloomy winter state of affairs that we listen to from many politicians, especially those in New York. Instead, there’s a fair amount of sunshine on Wall …

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How technology is driving online loans

Greitos paskolos internetu or online loans are much more convenient than traditional bank loans in terms of the whole borrowing process – from prequalification to loan financing without having to go out. Due to the new technology they are using and the profitable business model they are following, online lenders …

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