Dorset – Welcome To Poole Mon, 21 Jun 2021 17:58:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Dorset – Welcome To Poole 32 32 Police search Haven Holiday Park in Weymouth for missing man Robert Hillier Mon, 21 Jun 2021 14:30:16 +0000

POLICE search for missing man from Weymouth holiday park renews a public appeal as concerns grow.

Robert Hillier, 47, also known as Jamie, was reported missing from Haven Holiday Park in Preston Road at 8:43 p.m. on Saturday, June 19.

There is currently a heavy police presence in the park as officers search the area.

Robert is described as white, five feet eight inches tall, of slim build with short graying hair.

He was last seen wearing a pink, gray, blue and white horizontal striped polo shirt, dark colored jeans and dark colored sneakers with white soles.

It is possible that he has since changed to a gray T-shirt.

Police Inspector Matt Chutter of Dorset Police said: ‘We remain increasingly concerned for the welfare of Robert who has suddenly left the holiday park and has not been seen or heard from since. .

“There is currently a heavy police presence at and around the holiday park as officers conduct an extensive search to locate Robert.

“We don’t know where Robert may have gone so we would like to renew our appeal to anyone who has seen Robert, or a man fitting the description given, to contact Dorset Police urgently.

“Finally, I would ask the residents of the surrounding area to check their gardens and outbuildings, as Robert may have sought refuge in the area. ”

Anyone with information or knowledge of Robert’s whereabouts is urged to contact Dorset Police at, email or by calling 101, quoting incident number 19: 657.

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Closure of a rural road near the village of Dorset for resurfacing Sun, 20 Jun 2021 04:00:00 +0000

A ROUTE in a village in Dorset will be closed for resurfacing.

A 1,220 meter stretch of Dewlish Road in Milborne Saint Andrew, from its junction for Dennets House outside Springfield, will be closed in both directions between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 24.

A public notice from Dorset Council says maintenance needs to carry out resurfacing and a road closure is needed to keep work done safely.

It reads: “This notice will enable Dorset Council to carry out road maintenance and resurfacing. ”

Dewlish Road in Milborne St Andrew will close for a day for resurfacing. Image: Dorset Travel

During the road closure, a 4.7 mile detour route will be signposted that will lead motorists to Milborne Saint Andrew and onto the A354.

To bypass the closed road, motorists should head east towards Lynch Close before turning right onto the A354.

On the A354, drivers must turn right onto an unnamed rural road and follow the road again to make another right turn.

Drivers should then turn right onto Church Street and follow the road that becomes Middle Street.

Dorset Council warns that anyone breaking the road closure could be convicted or face a fine of up to £ 1,000.

Anyone with concerns or wishing to discuss any issues regarding roadworks can contact Dorset Council online via

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Dorset Fire and Rescue Service teaches students about road safety with new ‘Passenger Power’ campaign Sat, 19 Jun 2021 06:32:37 +0000

Help 14 year olds set boundaries and understand passenger safety

Author: Sophie CridlandPosted 7 hours ago
Last updated 7 hours ago

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service teaches students about road safety with its new “Passenger power” countryside.

It is sponsored by Arval UK as part of its commitment to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers on the road.

The first is a Key step 4 course for grade 10 students aged 14, as a prelude to the flagship of the Service “Drive safely, stay alive” show.

The lesson aims to empower young people to challenge risks to their personal safety as a passenger in a vehicle.

It includes bespoke animations with stories based on the most common causes of death and serious injury in road crashes, known as Fatal Four – Speed, Cell Phones / Distractions, Drink & Medication and not wearing a seat belt.

A second lesson for Key step 3 Grades 7 and 8 students will launch later this school year and will focus on travel independently – ready for teachers to plan delivery to their youngsters entering high school.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service Road Safety Manager, Christine Sharma, told Greatest Hits Radio Dorset: “For a number of reasons, young people remain one of the most vulnerable road user groups in the UK. As part of our delivery and evaluation of Safe Drive Stay Alive, students have told us says they often feel uncomfortable challenging dangerous driving as a passenger This lesson explores adolescent brain development, the role of peer pressure, and invites students to consider ways to ” ensure their safety and that of their friends.

“Our hope is that schools across the UK will be able to deliver this lesson to their students ahead of the government’s planned easing of restrictions in June, so students can enjoy a safer summer while traveling with their friends and family. In the future, this intervention will be part of our wider range of road safety education in Dorset and Wiltshire. “

It is sponsored by Arval UK as part of its commitment to ensure the safety of road users.

With its head office in Swindon, Arval UK supplies more than 175,000 vehicles to businesses and individuals across the country.

The lesson is available for free download on TES (formerly known as the Times Educational Supplement) here.

Listen to all the latest news from across the UK on time, every hour, on Greatest Hits Radio on DAB, on and on the Greatest Hits Radio app.

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Paddy Hughes blew up ATMs in Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey Fri, 18 Jun 2021 17:34:27 +0000

A man from ROTHERWICK is accused of being the mastermind of an organized criminal group that attempted to blow up 14 ATMs in three counties.

David “Paddy” Hughes is said to have been at the head of the group that “roamed” Hampshire at night and stole a range of cars, motorcycles, garden machinery and even a dog.

He and his crew also allegedly used crowbars, oxyacetylene gas and gasoline to detonate ATMs and steal tens of thousands of pounds in cash.

They are accused of plotting to strike fourteen machines over a seven-month period between 2019 and 2020, in Mortimer, Southampton, Farnham, Brockenhurst, Eastleigh, Bournemouth and others.

The man, of Street End Close, had a “criminal pedigree” and was the “first player” of a gang that carried out a series of “daring attacks”, according to prosecutor Mark Ruffell.

Opening his case at Winchester Crown Court on Friday afternoon, he told the jury: “What I am about to describe to you, for some of you, will be astonishing, a real eye-opener.

“For others, it will confirm your worst fears about the world we live in.

“The reason is that it’s all about organized crime here in Hampshire.

“It’s a question of how Paddy Hughes is a central player in organized crime in Hampshire.”

The prosecutor went on to say that his OCG has “tenatacles and connections [which] cover Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire “.

His “network of criminal contacts” would have enabled him to quickly find suitors for the property he and his co-conspirators allegedly stole.

Mr Ruffell added that Mr Hughes had not answered any questions in an interview with the police and had not provided any statement of the defense, but “was testing us”.

“What that means is that we don’t have the first idea of ​​the innocent explanation he’s going to offer for all the evidence you’re about to hear about.

“You might think if he was innocent and he thought we had made a huge mistake from start to finish regarding his involvement, then he would have protested his innocence at the police station or through his lawyers. in a defense statement and allegedly explained why were wrong. Instead, just silence. ”

The jury was told of an incident in which a Land Rover Defender was stolen from a business park in Fareham in April 2019. It was attached to a trailer containing three quads and power tools.

The Crown said police followed a tracker fitted to the vehicle and found it parked at Winchfield station, ten minutes from Rotherwick, near a van operated by Mr Hughes.

Police searched the van and found one of the quads, impounded it and on the same day the van’s insurance was withdrawn.

Mr Ruffell continued: “CCTV was obtained from the parking lot at Winchfield station.

“This shows that the driver of the van which was insured at Paddy Hughes and which contained stolen items, got into a white car.

“Coincidentally, in mid-2019, Paddy Hughes regularly drove a white Audi A4.”

The trial continues, with Mr. Ruffell completing his opening statement on Monday. Mr. Hughes denies the existence of a conspiracy to cause an explosion, a burglary conspiracy and two counts of theft conspiracy.

The trial is expected to last four weeks.

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More than 960,000 Covid vaccines administered across Dorset Fri, 18 Jun 2021 04:00:00 +0000

OVER 965,000 Covid-19 jabs have been administered across Dorset to date.

A total of 968,647 doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been distributed in Dorset, according to the latest NHS data.

This incredible county-wide feat would have been impossible without all the medical staff and volunteers working tirelessly on the vaccine rollout.

Nearly a million jabs and vaccinating adults over 21, there has been impressive uptake of the Covid vaccine rollout.

READ MORE: How to tell the difference between Covid-19 and hay fever

READ MORE: Covid: BCP Council postpones July events

Figures released by NHS England show a total of 462,858 vaccines were administered in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole – up from 458,125 on Tuesday 15 June.

There were 254,888 first doses administered through the BCP, with 207,970 residents also receiving their second injection.

In wider Dorset, 275,529 first doses were given and 230,260 residents received their second dose, for a total of 505,789.

Anyone aged 18 and over will be able to reserve their Covid-19 vaccine in England from Friday.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock hailed the immunization program “an incredible achievement” as he made the announcement during a speech.

It comes as the latest weekly surveillance report from Public Health England (PHE) shows rates of Covid-19 cases in all parts of England continue to rise.

The graph below shows you a breakdown of the first and second doses of the Covid vaccine by age group in BCP and Dorset at large:

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Dorset MPs back Tory rebellion against extended lockdown Thu, 17 Jun 2021 07:22:31 +0000

FOUR MPs from the Daily Echo area were part of a large Tory rebellion against extending lockdown restrictions to four weeks.

South Dorset MP Richard Drax, Poole MP Robert Syms, Christchurch MP Chris Chope and New Forest West MP Desmond Swayne all voted against the government yesterday.

West Dorset MP Chris Loader also voted with the Tory rebels, as did six Labor MPs.

Ultimately, the foreclosure restrictions were extended, backed by a Commons vote of 461 to 60.

This means that the regulations can remain in effect until July 19.

However, during the debate, Mr Drax said: “What the hell is going on in our country? Muzzled, consenting and fearful.

“After having fought and conquered one fear of the project, I never thought I would experience another. Unfortunately, unlike the first, polls suggest that the majority of the population has succumbed to the second.

“Armed with this information, decision-makers feel they can squeeze in with their shovels and move the goalposts at will.

“Personally, I am not surprised that the nation has been forced into submission when day after day, hour after hour, we are inundated with terrible disaster warnings from government advisers of one kind or another.”

Meanwhile, Mr Syms told MPs ‘we have won the battle’ against Covid-19 after highlighting hospital admission rates in his area.

Bournemouth Echo:

On the delay in lifting the restrictions, he added: “My point is that most of the top ministers who made this decision need a good vacation because if you look at the data, if you look at what’s going on in the country, the restrictions are totally out of step with the meaning of the problem.

“Let me take the South West of England, there are 5.6 million people, there are 23 people in the hospital, there are two in intensive care. In Dorset, where there are almost a million people, we have one person in the hospital.

“Yet hundreds of couples who want to get married, businesses who want to be viable, people who want to get their lives in order, I just think the balance is wrong.”

Mr Swayne said: “The government has set a disastrous precedent in terms of the future of freedom on these islands.”

Bournemouth Echo:

He added: “The government does not trust the people it governs.

“Now many Sage members – Sage, there is a misnomer if there is one – but Sage members have been busy undermining public morale, with one even sharing his vision. dystopian that we must all remain masked and distant in perpetuity, shocking shock, horrific prospect.

“The point is that once the consequences of this virus in terms of financial and health impact have long been addressed, the moral impact will remain.”

Addressing the Prime Minister, he continued, “Now I could understand it if we were a Communist Party, but it is the party that has inherited the true wisdom of the Whig tradition.

“It was Margaret Thatcher’s party that said that freedom was indivisible, it was the party that only recently elected a leader that they believed, that we believed, was a libertarian, there are many things we’re going to have to think about. ”

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Dorset auctioneer Busby makes deal with Ethiopia after Bible looted for sale Wed, 16 Jun 2021 12:10:00 +0000

A DORSET auctioneer has taken on a new role in international diplomacy after Ethiopia demanded the return of a Bible looted by the British over 150 years ago.

Busby of Bridport was to auction tomorrow a bible and a set of horn goblets which were “illegally obtained” by British forces after the Battle of Magdala in 1868 in ancient Abyssinia.

The objects were once part of the estate of Major-General William Arbuthnot CB (1838-1893) who served in the British expedition to the African nation – and are of “immense cultural, spiritual and historical value” to the Ethiopia, Telegraph reports.

It is understood that the Ethiopian embassy issued a statement calling on Busby for the auction house to distance itself from the lots, estimated at around £ 700, by sending them back to their home country – helping To close a “painful” chapter of injustice, it remains a “scar” on otherwise friendly relations with the United Kingdom.

However, the Echo can now report that the auctioneer today negotiated a deal between the private owner of the items and the Ethiopian Embassy, ​​which were sold to the Embassy for an undisclosed price.

The situation was resolved this morning, when an “amicable” agreement was reached between the two parties according to Busby’s spokesman – the auction house being “satisfied” to have played a role in sales.

This means that items can now be returned to their country of origin – thus helping to strengthen relations between the peoples of Ethiopia and the United Kingdom – which would otherwise be “warm and friendly”.

“We are happy to have been able to help, and both sides are happy to have resolved the situation,” said the spokesperson for Busby.

It is understood that the bible dates from around the 18th century and belonged to the Ethiopian fortress of Magdala before it was plundered by the British – a period of history which would represent a “great injustice” to the Ethiopian people.

Before the deal was reached between the two sides, it was reported that the Ethiopian embassy said it would be “unethical” to profit from any potential sale of the seized items.

Meanwhile, other treasures from the fort are still held by British museums, including the V&A and the British Museum, as well as at Windsor Castle, according to Afromet, the Association for the Return of Ethiopian Treasures from Magdala.

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Brad Ash signs for Weymouth Tue, 15 Jun 2021 17:00:00 +0000

WEYMOUTH has signed forward Brad Ash from Chippenham Town.

Pacy forward Ash, 25, joins the National League south team after scoring four goals in 14 games for the Bluebirds.

In the 2019/2020 season, Ash has scored once in 11 starts for Hereford, making 20 appearances in total.

Ash has National League experience with Boreham Wood, scoring five times in 22 games.

His form with his hometown club Weston-super-Mare in the 2015/16 season, where he scored 14 goals in 14 appearances, saw him transfer to Ligue 1 side Barnsley.

Although not a part of the Tykes’ first team, Ash was an important figure in Barnsley’s Under-21 team.

He netted a hat-trick against rivals Leeds United in a 3-3 draw, although Barnsley finished last in U21 Professional Development League Two North.

Brad Ash, right, has joined Weymouth Photo: MARK PROBIN

READ MORE: Brian Stock looks back on his first year as Weymouth boss

Barnsley loaned it to Weston-super-Mare for the 2016/17 campaign.

Ash responded with 19 goals in 34 games as the Seagulls finished 15th in the National League South.

Speaking to, Weymouth boss Brian Stock said: “He’s a player I really love.

“He’s been successful before and has been spotted by Barnsley in the Football League and it shows he has quality.

“What I really like about him is his attitude and his application, in and out of possession.

“He’s a great goalscorer, he’ll give us a lot of energy and he fits the mold of how I want my team to play perfectly.”

Ash also played for England Colleges and England C.

Ash is the 11th rookie at Weymouth this summer behind goalkeeper Gerard Benfield, defenders Josh Leslie-Smith, Ben Morgan, Ollie Harfield and Calvin Brooks, midfielders Andy Robinson, Sean Shields, Cameron Murray and forwards Josh McQuoid and Brandon Goodship.

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Business reaction as ‘Freedom Day’ is delayed Mon, 14 Jun 2021 23:05:00 +0000

Businesses today voiced disappointment as Prime Minister Boris Johnson delayed “Freedom Day” by at least four weeks.

At a press conference last night, Mr Johnson revealed that the plan to lift all Covid restrictions on June 21 will be pushed back to July 19.

The announcement means a number of restrictions will remain in place, including capacity limits for sports, pubs and cinemas, as well as social distancing measures and masks – in a devastating blow to some businesses.

The delay has meant that nightclubs will not be allowed to reopen on June 21.

Parviz Marseh, director of the Actors nightclub on Maiden Street, Weymouth, is ‘disappointed’ that the goalposts for lifting the lockdown restrictions have been moved, costing him and his business dearly.

He said: “Since we were able to reopen again in May, we have had to treat the actors like a pub instead of a nightclub and cover our two dance floors with tables and chairs, which is not. what it is supposed to be.

“It also caused a lot of staff issues as we have to do table service and we need extra security to make sure everyone is wearing their mask and staying seated so we had to hire more staff, which is expensive. I was hoping June 21 was gonna be the day we could lift all the restrictions but I guess not. I’m a little bit disappointed but we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. ”

Rosie Barrett, a wedding planner who organizes events in Dorset, had worried about the announcement as it revealed that a couple had been forced to postpone their wedding twice and that its suppliers such as florists, pastry chefs, caterers and photographers suffered from the restrictions, which she described as “devastating”.

But the prime minister said weddings could have more than 30 guests – the current limit – despite restrictions remaining in place.

Craig Oakes, president of the Weymouth and Portland Chamber of Commerce, is sympathetic to industries that cannot fully reopen, but believes we must all continue to follow the rules.

He said: “From a health perspective, there is an increase in infections, so we have to stick to the guidelines.

“However, I really feel sorry for the people and the industries that still can’t function like festivals and nightclubs. They must be absolutely pissed off.

“The ripple effect of these businesses that remain closed and hurt our economy is awful.”

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Johnson faces backlash from Tories as lockdown lift suspended Mon, 14 Jun 2021 04:56:42 +0000

Boris Johnson faces a furious backlash from Tory MPs as he prepares to suspend the final lifting of coronavirus lockdown restrictions in England.

The prime minister is expected to announce that the end of social distancing rules – which were slated for June 21 – will be delayed for four weeks until July 19, with the BBC reporting on Monday morning that the decision had been approved by senior ministers.

The move follows warnings from scientists that the rapid spread of the Delta variant first identified in India risks a “substantial” third wave if allowed to spread unchecked.

Mr Johnson is expected to call on the public to be patient, with a last ditch effort to ensure that when the checks finally end, they will be “irreversible”.

However, this is a huge setback for many companies – especially in the struggling hospitality sector – who had placed their hopes in a full summer reopening to recoup some of last year’s losses.

There was deep frustration among lockdown skeptics on Tory benches who said there was no reason not to end restrictions as those most at risk of death or serious illness are now fully vaccinated.

Former Minister Mark Harper, chairman of the Covid Recovery Group (CRG) of Conservative MPs, said any postponement would be a “political choice.”

He warned that if the unlock didn’t go as planned, restrictions could continue through fall and winter as other respiratory infections worsen.

“The effectiveness of our vaccines in preventing hospitalization means unlocking on June 21 could be safe. Any decision to delay will be a political choice, ”he said.

“Variants and mutations will appear for the rest of the time. We have to learn to live with it.

“If our highly effective vaccines can’t free us from the restrictions, then nothing ever will. ”

Steve Baker, CRG’s vice president, wondered how long the country could “fumble” with restrictions that would have had “devastating consequences” for both business and people’s mental health.

(PA Graphics)

Conservative backbench Marcus Fysh said the delay was “disastrous and unacceptable policy”.

Mr Johnson is expected to make the official announcement at a press conference on Monday evening after returning to Downing Street after attending the NATO summit in Brussels.

After hosting the G7 summit in Cornwall over the weekend, the Prime Minister reportedly spent Sunday evening reviewing the latest data with ministers and senior officials most closely involved in the process.

Mr Johnson’s so-called ‘quad’, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Cabinet Minister Michael Gove were reportedly briefed by Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Science Advisor Sir Patrick Vallance.

HEALTH Coronavirus(PA Graphics)

The latest daily government figures on Sunday showed a further rise in infections with a further 7,490 laboratory-confirmed cases in the UK – up 2,149 from the figure of 5,341 the week before.

The data also had England with a total of 35,971 positive tests in the past seven days at a rate of 63.9 per 100,000 people.

Welsh Economy Minister Vaughan Gething will take stock of the latest developments regarding coronaviruses in Wales on Monday, which, according to the most recent figures from the UK government, had 597 new positive tests during the week last at a rate of 18.9 per 100,000.

The numbers remain just as low in Northern Ireland, which recorded 596 positive tests from the week to Sunday at a rate of 31.5 per 100,000.

Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Robin Swann has warned of complacency as he said the situation in the country could change quickly, with current modeling suggesting the potential for an increase in hospitalizations by now late summer due to the Delta Covid variant.

Fans arrive at the Glasgow Green Fan ZoneAround 17,000 test kits will be mailed to fans attending the Glasgow Euro 2020 fan zone (Andrew Milligan / PA)

UK figures showed Scotland had recorded 6,035 positive tests at a rate of 110.5 per 100,000, as data released by the Scottish government on Sunday showed the country had recorded 1,036 new cases of the coronavirus over the years. last 24 hours.

Holyrood said he would mail some 17,000 lateral flow test kits to football fans heading to the Euro 2020 fan zone in Glasgow, where testing is not mandatory for access but has been strongly encouraged by health officials.

British ministers, meanwhile, insisted they remained on track to secure an offer of a second dose of the vaccine – which offers significantly better protection against the Delta variant than a single jab – to every over 50 years by June 21.

However, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said this weekend that they wanted to use the extra time to overtake millions of young people.

He said that even though the vaccines had weakened the link between infections and hospital admissions, they wanted to be sure it was “cut and broken.”

The cautious approach was, he said, necessary to ensure that the unlock was “irreversible” and that they did not have to “yo-yo in and out of the measures.”

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