Change of Dorset Council Covid test sites

LOCATIONS for Lateral Flow Device Covid testing in Dorset Council is changing. Free weekly LFD tests are available for Dorset Council residents, but some locations and operating times change for community testing sites. As of Monday, the Wimborne Town Football Club site is no longer available daily, but there will …

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Japanese knotweed hotspots in Dorset

The famous Japanese knotweed is known to be Britain’s most invasive plant and has just emerged from hibernation. Japanese knotweed has a bad reputation among horticulturalists and homeowners, as this incredibly invasive plant can damage property and land beyond recognition. The zombie-like plant can grow a whopping four inches per …

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No change in senior roles in Dorset Council

NO change at the top for Dorset Council – primary council roles are to all remain the same for another year. The annual board meeting, held Tuesday night, voted to return the entire Tory Cabinet – with Chairman Val Pothecary and Vice Chairman Mike Parkes. Cllr Spencer Flower, who has …

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