Domino’s announces 5,000 jobs in UK-wide hiring frenzy

Domino’s is looking for 5,000 new staff, as those who worked for the chain during the lockdown are returning to their pre-Covid roles.

Hairdressers, students and taxi drivers who worked at Domino’s when their businesses were closed during the pandemic are abandoning the pizza chain to return to their old roles, freeing up thousands of jobs.

Domino’s hired just over 8,000 workers throughout 2020, he said, including hairdressers, taxi drivers and event managers were unable to work in their regular jobs when many industries in the the economy were forced to shut down.

The company said it is looking to hire around 5,000 people, as these temporary staff are getting the better of their lives as pizzaiolo or delivery drivers.

Demand is not slowing, despite the economy reopening, Domino’s said Tuesday.

But as the UK gradually emerges from lockdown, the chain’s recruits are returning to their old roles and it is now seeking staff to work at its 1,100 branches across the country.

It follows reports of a staffing crisis in host institutions, with institutions struggling to fill thousands of jobs.

Kickstart scheme

Domino’s also participates in the government’s Kickstart program to offer thousands of internships to young people in England, Scotland and Wales.

Those recruited under the program receive training on the job and can then apply for permanent positions after a six-month contract.

COO Nicola Frampton said: “I am proud that we were able to play a role in giving people the opportunity to keep working and making money when times were tough,” he said. she declared.

“But as people start to come together, customer demand shows no signs of slowing down so we are now looking for 5,000 new hires.”

Meanwhile, hospitality companies are warning they are struggling to fill vacancies as they are hit by an influx of bookings due to the easing of lockdown restrictions.

UK Hospitality said last week there was a shortage of around 188,000 employees, including chefs and reception staff. He cited uncertainty over the industry’s future stability and Brexit as the main reasons for the shortage.

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