Dorset Council local plan comments published

Comments received during the first consultation of the Dorset Council Local Plan draft have been posted on the council website.

The first consultation of the Dorset Council’s draft local plan took place between January and March of this year. About 9,000 respondents participated during this period. These comments are all being taken into account alongside the national planning plan and policy to provide the residents of Dorset with the housing, employment and facilities they will need over the next 17 years. This includes the need to provide housing for people who cannot afford to buy or rent in the housing market.

The Dorset Council Local Plan outlines the strategy to ensure the growth the region needs, happens in the right places. And that it is of good character and quality, while protecting Dorset’s natural environment and acting on climate change. It also ensures that the right level of community services are provided, including schools, as well as retail, recreation and other community facilities.

Cllr David Walsh, Dorset Council Planning Portfolio Holder, said:

“We continue to work on the policies that underpin the plan. This includes researching and gathering information to ensure the plan delivers what it needs for future generations in Dorset.

“I am very proud of the work accomplished by the team. We had representatives from across the Dorset Council region. There will be another chance to comment on the plan before it is voted on by our entire board next year. “

Work continues to develop policies for local housing needs, the self-build registry and to find ways to help us adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Learn more about the local Dorset Council plan

Podcast and webinars developed for consultation are available online.

A note on the comments posted:

Comments have gone through an editing process to remove offensive comments from posted replies. It is possible that some comments remain publicly visible, which may be offensive to some people. Such comments are not the views of the Dorset Council, and the Council does not condone the use of potentially offensive language and / or remarks. If you come across any comments that you or others might find offensive, please send an email to [email protected] and we will consider removing or removing them from public view.

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