Dorset Council says nearly £ 900,000 in municipal taxes is spent on the care of a single resident

DORSET Council pays almost £ 900,000 a year for 24/7 care for at least one local resident.

Sherborne advisor Robin Legg says many people will be shocked to find out the cost covered by their council tax.

“If you took to the streets and told people that we were paying close to £ 1million a year for individual care, they would be wondering if we are doing it right,” he said during a meeting of the People and Health Review Committee.

The figure, at £ 17,000 per week, was produced to illustrate how expensive care can be during a debate over the council’s likely overspending this year on its adult social care budget.

Councilors were told that not only was the county seeing an increase in the number of people needing care and support, but there was also an increase in more expensive specialist care, often provided only by specialist agencies or providers. .

Most of those in need of care in the county fund their care packages on their own, although about a third, who have less than £ 23,250 in assets, can seek help from Dorset Council and the NHS, depending on their specific needs.

Cllr Legg asked for assurances that Dorset Council was pressuring the government for further financial assistance, he was told.

He said that according to his calculations, the costs of routine care had increased from £ 14.10 per hour in 2019 to £ 16.40 per hour in 2021, while support for people with learning disabilities was more expensive and had increased by 28% over the same period, with mental disorders. health support costs increase by 48% – and in each case even more expensive if provided by an agency.

Sherborne’s adviser said he was also concerned that workers continued to leave the care sector knowing they were likely to find better pay elsewhere, and that very little appeared to be underway for resolve the situation.

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