Dorset Plaza moves forward while Goshen Cottages is on hold

Edwardsville City Hall

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Of two development projects discussed and debated at a planning commission meeting last month, only one made it to Tuesday’s land use committee meeting.

“The article that was in the plan commission with [Dorset Plaza] was called Goshen Cottages,” said city planner Emily Calderon. “The developer still plans to go ahead, but will submit plans for the land use committee in March or April. The deadline for submission is end of February for the March 17 meeting and end of March for the April meeting.

The plan for Goshen Cottages ran into multiple problems: it sits on a former family cemetery site, there was major opposition from residents of the surrounding housing estate and neighboring landlords and works staff members audiences were less enthusiastic about the site’s stormwater runoff plan and other sites. characteristics.

Dorset Plaza, meanwhile, was approved and will return to the planning commission on March 21, followed by a stop at the utilities committee on March 29; a visit with the Administrative and Community Services (ACS) commission on March 31 and a resolution before the full city council on April 5 for approval or refusal. The project could be rejected by the city or be withdrawn by developers at any point in this timeline.

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