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With the drying up of payday and online loans for Evanston and other Illinois residents, some people are faced with a dilemma.

That is, what do you do when you need money, but the lenders you were counting on no longer provide the money?

This is one effect of the State Predatory Loan Prevention Act, which limits interest on small loans to 36% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Many of the state’s payday and online lenders, which often charge 200-400% APR, have chosen to close, or at least not offer loans in Illinois.

But help is available for residents of Evanston who might have used these institutions before. Not necessarily a loan… but rather an education in financial literacy and well-being; training on how to better manage your money and not get stuck in the trap of endless debt.

Sarah Gordon, an Evanston resident, is responsible for market and business development within the Financial health network, a non-profit consultancy firm that helped the city develop the education program and select a partner, First Northern Credit Union.

“A lot of it,” says Gordon, “about how you change financial behavior. ”

Even though Evanston is a generally affluent community, Gordon says, “There are quite a number of people here who are financially vulnerable.

“There are pockets of real needs” in the community, she says, especially because housing is so expensive.

Nationally, the network says 14% of people are “financially vulnerable”, 52% “adapt financially” and 34% are “financially healthy”.

“Adjusting financially” means getting by and paying the bills, but these people, Gordon says, “are just a few financial emergencies away” from serious problems.

The City’s partnership with First Northern offers a series of free webinars on a variety of financial health issues, from managing a crisis to financing retirement and rebuilding credit.

The First Northern website says Evanston residents who complete a series of courses may be eligible for a certificate of completion, which could make them eligible for a Credit Sense loan.

This is basically a credit loan for people who may have had to resort to short term payday loans due to bad credit rating.

For more information on the City-First Northern Partnership for Evanston Residents, visit fncu / org.Our-Valued-Partners / Evanston.

There are also other financial literacy and coaching programs in town, such as the one offered by the YWCA.

Gordon says Evanston is doing the right thing by setting up a Resident Financial Wellness Partnership program.

But she would also like the city to join a national group of communities called Cities for Financial Empowerment.

Thirty-one cities, including Chicago, are part of the group, whose website says an initiative, called Financial Navigators, is helping residents cope with the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, “providing assistance remotely to manage critical financial issues and make referrals to other social service agencies and resources.

Gordon says those who are financially comfortable should know that not everyone is so fortunate.

“We’re never going to get people to afford homes in Evanston,” she said, “if we don’t start working on financial health from day one. ”

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Award-winning Indigenous Sport Gallery connects the virtual world https://welcometopoole.co.uk/award-winning-indigenous-sport-gallery-connects-the-virtual-world/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 19:02:00 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/award-winning-indigenous-sport-gallery-connects-the-virtual-world/

The award-winning BC Sports Hall of Fame Indigenous Sport Gallery will soon be available online, bringing the compelling and powerful stories of Indigenous athletes, coaches and builders to communities and classrooms across the province.

“Posting the stories of these historic Indigenous leaders, coaches and athletes online helps honor their important legacies and inspire future generations of Indigenous athletes,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. “Call to Truth and Reconciliation Action # 87 tells the national story of Indigenous athletes in history. This project is reconciliation in action and shows the power of partnering and paddling together.

The province is investing $ 198,000 to expand the Indigenous Sport Gallery into an interactive online experience and to translate gallery content into Indigenous languages. This investment is in addition to a provincial grant of $ 50,000 in May 2021 through the BC Arts Council.

Working in partnership with indigenous peoples, communities and sports organizations, the project will be guided by an indigenous designer and cultural ambassador to ensure that content is authentically transformed from the physical to the virtual world. Completion is scheduled for spring 2023.

“The Indigenous Sport Gallery highlights the accomplishments and contributions of Indigenous athletes, coaches, teams and builders who have had a profound impact on the history and culture of sport. This project will continue ongoing efforts to celebrate Indigenous sport together and honor the stories of Indigenous athletes, ”said Lara Mussell-Savage, Chair of the BC Sports Hall of Fame Education Committee and Chief of the Skwah First Nation. “On behalf of the Board of Directors of the BC Sports Hall of Fame, we are extremely grateful to the province for this vital support that will bring this dynamic new dimension to life to the gallery and help us reach a wider audience beyond the physical gallery walls. This virtual gallery will provide a unique and interactive experience for visitors to learn about the culture and history of Indigenous sport and gain greater appreciation. “

The Indigenous Sport Gallery at the BC Sports Hall of Fame is the largest known permanent gallery in the world dedicated to Indigenous sport. Established in 2018 in collaboration with the Indigenous Council for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (I SPARC), the gallery’s goal is to raise the profile and preserve the legacy of Indigenous sport in British Columbia, as well as to strengthen understanding and appreciation of indigenous reconciliation; promote the revitalization of indigenous languages; and increase recognition of and respect for indigenous cultures and traditions.

Fast facts:

  • The Indigenous Sport Gallery contains over 139 square meters (1,500 square feet) of permanent exhibition space that celebrates the rich history and many contributions to sport of First Nations and Métis athletes, teams, coaches, builders and volunteers. .
  • The gallery features over 20 different traditional sports or games important to indigenous peoples.
  • More than 40 active and past Indigenous athletes are featured in the gallery, including Terry Fox, Jack Poole, Richard Peter (basketball) and Angela Chalmers (running).
  • The gallery won two awards:
    • winner of the 2019 Canadian Museums Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Exhibitions category; and
    • World’s Best New Exhibition 2019 by the International Sports Heritage Association.

Learn more:

For more information on the Indigenous Sport Gallery, visit: https://bcsportshall.com/exhibit/indigenous-sport-gallery/

For a video of Mark’s announcement at the Indigenous Sport Gallery, visit: https://youtu.be/xrqWD0oSeHs

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One in 16 homes sold in the UK this year as the property market booms https://welcometopoole.co.uk/one-in-16-homes-sold-in-the-uk-this-year-as-the-property-market-booms/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 15:17:21 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/one-in-16-homes-sold-in-the-uk-this-year-as-the-property-market-booms/

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK property market, with buyers unable to see a potential new home during closings to the ‘space race’ for a new home during periods market opening.

And one of the results of this market shift is revealed in the latest figures released by the online real estate portal Zoopla, indicating that one in 16 privately owned homes has now changed hands in 2021.

Zoopla’s House Price Index predicts 2021 will be the UK’s busiest property market since 2007 in terms of real estate transactions.

READ MORE: Lovely cottage for sale in UK’s smallest town is a perfect Pembrokeshire retreat

This fast moving and heated market has pushed the average UK home value to £ 240,000, up from £ 200,000 five years ago according to Zoopla. In Wales, the website reports a current average value of £ 215,994.

And Wales continues to top the list of UK’s top real estate sites.

Zoopla says that regionally, according to their latest figures, Wales continued their eight-month streak of recording the highest rate of monthly growth in house prices, up 10.8%.

Old rectory near Dyffryn, Neath for sale with Savills, Cardiff for £ 800,000

The Ingle is a one-bed stone cottage nestled in the cliff above Barmouth in a conservation area known as The Rock, for sale for OIRO £ 239,950 with EA Walter Lloyd Jones, Barmouth
The Ingle is a one-bed stone cottage nestled in the cliff above Barmouth for sale for OIRO £ 239,950 with EA Walter Lloyd Jones, Barmouth

In November, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that the annual change in property prices in Wales rose 15.4% from September 2020 to September 2021. For more information, click here.

According to many Welsh estate agents and property experts large pockets of Wales still have an average house price below the UK average and, together with buyers’ desire to move out of more urban areas, demand has increased to a level where the offer cannot follow. , causing a shortage of homes for sale, pushing up prices.

Cottage in St David's for sale for £ 380,000 with Fine and Country Pembrokeshire
Cottage in St David’s for sale for £ 380,000 with Fine and Country Pembrokeshire

An abandoned Victorian country house with 17 acres still full of original furnishings and features is now on sale for offers over £ 750,000 with Morris, Marshall and Poole with Norman Lloyd
Abandoned Victorian country house with 17 acres for sale for offers over £ 750,000 with Morris, Marshall and Poole with Norman Lloyd

Rural and coastal areas of Wales in particular continue to feel the impact of increasing demand and decreasing supply of inventory, leading many sellers to find a buyer very quickly and most properties sell for at or above the asking price.

Rob Fearnley, local real estate partner at Purplebricks, says: “Property prices in the Mid Wales region have continued to rise, due to a lack of properties on the market. This continues to be a problem and has created a very competitive market for buyers. to compete. “

Basement apartment at Beauchief House in Tenby for sale with Brett Property for £ 350,000

Ruin of cottage near Crymych, Pembrokeshire for sale for an indicative price of £ 275,000 with Savills, Cardiff
Ruin of cottage near Crymych, Pembrokeshire for sale for an indicative price of £ 275,000 with Savills, Cardiff

James Thomas, of the Cardiff branch of Savills estate agents, said: “Since the first foreclosure the property market has been incredibly busy across the UK, mainly due to a shift in the priorities of buyers, to which lifestyle is now the most important factor.

“Looking ahead, we expect less urgency in the market starting next year, but there is no indication that demand will drop.”

The Old Granary is a barn conversion in the hamlet of Robeston to the west north of Milford Haven for sale for 800k with Country Living Group
The Old Granary is a barn conversion in the hamlet of Robeston to the west north of Milford Haven for sale for £ 800,000 with Country Living Group

11 bedroom Georgian mansion with views over the Wye Valley for sale for an indicative price of £ 1.65million with Fine & Country, Ross on Wye
11 bedroom Georgian mansion with views over the Wye Valley for sale for an indicative price of £ 1.65million with Fine & Country, Ross on Wye

Savills calculated a five-year forecast for house prices in Wales which projects a five-year (2022 to 2026) increase of 18.2%.

This equates to an increase in the national average for Wales from currently £ 215,000 to £ 251,662, according to the estate agency.

We have launched a new real estate group on Facebook.

Whether you enjoy strolling through beautiful properties or always keeping an eye out for your latest project, this group will bring you the best of Welsh homes, properties, renovations and more.

Join our new group for all the latest.

Grainne Gilmore, head of research at Zoopla, said that at the UK level the new supply will start to increase at the start of the year as households take advantage of the holiday period to make a decision about their move.

She says: “In typical years, the very seasonal supply of homes for sale slows down as Christmas approaches, but increases sharply in the New Year.

“On average, the ad supply at the end of January is around 50% higher than at the beginning of December.

Help you find a home here:

“Demand from buyers will remain strong next year, but as the market begins to normalize in 2022, there may be an increase in the proportion of activity among movers, who are active in the market as sellers. and buyers This should ease the supply constraint to some extent.

Farm and three vacation rentals and 12 acres near Pontgarreg, Llandysul for sale for 975k with purplebricks
Farm and three holiday rentals and 12 acres near Pontgarreg, Llandysul for sale for £ 975,000 with purple bricks

Six bedroom country mansion near Llansteffan for sale for £ 1.9million with purple bricks
Six bedroom country mansion near Llansteffan for sale for £ 1.9million with purple bricks

“Other factors that will affect prices next year include looming economic headwinds in the form of higher inflation – which will push household costs up.

“Even with a few interest rate hikes, mortgage rates are likely to remain relatively low relative to long-term averages, and there is more room for price growth in some of the more affordable housing markets.”

For the latest UK property newsletters click here

]]> 14-year-old gang shooter should be identified, judge says https://welcometopoole.co.uk/14-year-old-gang-shooter-should-be-identified-judge-says/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 12:28:58 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/14-year-old-gang-shooter-should-be-identified-judge-says/ A judge has lifted an order protecting the identity of a 14-year-old gunman convicted of murder after shooting another teenager in a gang attack in Birmingham.

Yussuf Mustapha, of Birmingham, faces a mandatory life sentence alongside three other teenagers convicted earlier this month for the murder of Keon Lincoln, 15, near his home in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Jurors also convicted a fifth accused of manslaughter after learning how Keon was stabbed and shot in the stomach in Linwood Road, then later died in Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Victim: Keon Lincoln, who was murdered near his home in Handsworth. Credit: West Midlands Police / PA

A five-week trial learned that Keon suffered eight stab wounds and one fatal wound to his abdomen as a result of one of the two shots fired at around 3:35 p.m. on January 21.

Mustapha, who was born in Italy and would do well in the same high school as Keon, has been ordered to be appointed by a judge ahead of a sentencing hearing on Monday.

Lifting a previous court order, Lord Justice William Davis said the measure had represented a “substantial restriction” on the press’ ability to report on the case.

In addition to deciding that it was in the public interest to appoint Mustapha, the judge said that a 16-year-old convicted of murder must be named.

But the judge suspended the lifting of the order on the 16-year-old, pending the outcome of an appeal against his conviction.

The address of either youth cannot be disclosed, the judge said.

The QCs acting for the two young people had argued against a request filed by the PA news agency for the court to lift the order.

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Strikethrough punter smashed glasses in Dorset pub in drunkenness incident https://welcometopoole.co.uk/strikethrough-punter-smashed-glasses-in-dorset-pub-in-drunkenness-incident/ Mon, 29 Nov 2021 00:10:00 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/strikethrough-punter-smashed-glasses-in-dorset-pub-in-drunkenness-incident/ A drunk man showed up at a banned Dorset pub and smashed glasses in a random attack late at night – before “kicking” a police officer, he said. declared a court.

Michael Doucas, 29, walked into the Half Moon pub on Half Moon Street in Sherborne around 12:30 am on Sunday August 1.

Prosecutor Andrew Newman explained to Weymouth Magistrates’ Court how a member of staff had been alerted to the sounds of broken glasses.

Mr Newman said: “Police were called to this location and pub staff said around 15-20 glasses had been shattered.

“The accused had been escorted out of the pub by an employee of the establishment’s bar. It happened after a member of the pub staff heard the sound of a broken glass.

Weymouth District Court

“He had been banned from the pub three months before and by the time the police arrived the glass had been swept.

“The accused was on the ground and escorted to a police vehicle. ”

Doucas then kicked the vehicle door with his knee.

Mr. Newman added that Doucas had “kicked out” a police officer and was arrested for assaulting a rescuer.

Doucas claimed “he had slipped and did not want to hit him”, but then admitted criminal damage and assaulting a police officer.

Mr Newman read a Dorset Police “community impact statement” which spoke of the frequency with which their officers were subjected to threats and violence.

Doucas, of Simons Road in Sherborne, pleaded guilty to criminal damages in the amount of £ 20 at the Half Moon pub and assaulting a rescue worker.

Mitigating, Des Reynolds, explained how Doucas suffered from mental health issues and struggled with newly prescribed medications.

He stopped taking the drug because he felt “vulnerable” three days before the incident and was drinking alcohol at night.

Mr Reynolds said: “He was drinking quite a lot of alcohol and this irrational behavior broke glasses and behavior that is not in his character.

“He takes the drug, is more stable and does not repeat the behavior. He regrets the incident and has apologized to the police and the pub and is ashamed of what it was.

Mr Reynolds said Doucas feared losing his job “very sadly”.

Magistrates President Mike Davis said: “You have lost your good character and that is something you will never get back because you now have a criminal record.”

Doucas was fined £ 500 and £ 85 in court costs on the assault charge, while he also faces a £ 50 fine and £ 20 compensation at the pub.

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Millwall failed to deliver the same level of performance for Hull as against Bournemouth – South London News https://welcometopoole.co.uk/millwall-failed-to-deliver-the-same-level-of-performance-for-hull-as-against-bournemouth-south-london-news/ Sat, 27 Nov 2021 18:33:16 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/millwall-failed-to-deliver-the-same-level-of-performance-for-hull-as-against-bournemouth-south-london-news/

Gary Rowett was frustrated that Millwall didn’t produce the same level of performance in today’s 2-1 loss to Hull as they did in their 1-1 draw with Bournemouth on Wednesday night.

The 2-1 loss to the Tigers leaves the South London club 10th in the league.

Rowett said: “We end up against Bournemouth and we use the ball really well, then we end up against Hull and we really waste possession. We could have taken the easy way out today and come here to get a point and play 5-2-3.

“It was a chance to test ourselves and see what we do after our performance against Bournemouth at home. Maybe I was wrong, maybe the kind of motivation to be more offensive left us too much. open at the back, I have to think about that balance.

“Today it was just about doing our job a little better sometimes, and the game wouldn’t have been so open. When a game is open, you hope that you can take risks in the times when your front players have more space than they normally have – we didn’t today.

“There were countless balls in the box and we had a few cleared off the line. Jed has a chance with a late header. We didn’t find it today and I have to thank Hull, they fought for their lives.

“You have to do the right things every week. If you are consistent most weeks you will get the right result, if you are not consistent most weeks you will not get it.

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Power outages in Dorset – where is that affected? https://welcometopoole.co.uk/power-outages-in-dorset-where-is-that-affected/ Sat, 27 Nov 2021 08:35:09 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/power-outages-in-dorset-where-is-that-affected/ Power cuts affect hundreds of Dorset residents.

Storm Arwen blew through Dorset today, knocking down power lines on the A31 this morning. Elsewhere, there are faults reported on the network.

You can view the Scottish and Southern power grid map here

Bournemouth district BH8

  • 142 postcodes affected in parts of Queens Park, Townsend and Holdenhurst
  • Breakdown reported at 5 a.m. Must be back by noon.

BH23 district of Christchurch

  • Four postal code zones affected
  • An engineer is on the way
  • To be paid before 11 a.m.

BH24 – Chaussée d’Avon

  • Six postal code zones affected
  • Power should be on by noon

Ringwood and Verwood BH21 zones

  • 59 postal codes assigned to Ringwood, Verwood, Poulner, Hightown and Burley
  • The failure has been recorded. An update comes from the engineers.

Corfe Mullen and Sturminster Marshall areas

  • Eight postal codes concerned
  • Power must be restored by noon

Sandford, Rempstone and Wareham BH20 zones

  • Eight postal code zones affected
  • Breakdown recorded at 6.30 a.m.

Neighborhoods around Bere Regis

  • 94 postal codes concerned
  • Breakdown recorded at 7 a.m.

Zones in DT11

  • 39 postal codes concerned
  • Power should be restored at 10 a.m.

Postal codes DT9 & DT10s

  • Eight affected areas
  • Recovery by noon


  • Longburton area – 10 postal codes affected
  • Power should be restored at 10 a.m.

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The role of government in protecting citizens from illegal online lending https://welcometopoole.co.uk/the-role-of-government-in-protecting-citizens-from-illegal-online-lending/ Sat, 27 Nov 2021 07:46:43 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/the-role-of-government-in-protecting-citizens-from-illegal-online-lending/

The community has recently become aware of the practice of illegal online lending. Some people mistakenly thought that online loans from financial technology (fintech) companies could help solve their financial problems. However, on the contrary, the illegal practice of online lending actually harms the company by insulting and threatening it.

These individuals behind the practice of illegal lending often operate under the guise of cooperative legal entities to persuade people facing financial difficulties.

As a result, various social issues arise in the community. Some depressed victims cannot bear the pressure of debt collectors and ultimately decide to kill themselves.

To this end, government help is needed to protect the community from the threats and dangers of illegal online lending.

Related News: Government to Revoke Licenses of Co-ops Operating Illegal Online Loans

The Indonesian National Police (Polri) had also said earlier that the trend of illegal lending was very damaging to the community.

The head of Polri’s public relations division, Inspector General Dedi Prasetya, said the police paid special attention to the illegal mode of online loan collection which was often carried out under threat.

They also manipulated the photos of the clients to make them appear inappropriate and were then distributed to the client’s colleagues and family as a threat for them to pay off their debt immediately.

Clients often became stressed, sick and also committed suicide because they could not handle the pressure, Prasetya said.

Related news: Illegal fintechs do not meet legal requirements: Minister

Taking action against the threat of illegal online lending is a form of assertion and victim protection on the part of the government, especially the police.

Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan Februanto, Director of Crime Control of the Criminal Investigation Department of the National Police (Bareskrim), pointed out that a foreign national called WJ, aka JHN, was involved in the loan case. illegal.

Through the payment gateway company called Flinpay and the condominium cooperative called Inovasi Milik Bersama, the suspect recruited illegal lenders and established illegal savings and credit unions.

Related News: West Jakarta Police Investigate Two Reports of Illegal Online Loans

Police report

The head of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Investment Oversight Working Group, Tonggam L. Tobing, noted that currently 104 fintech companies have 772,534 accounts, with a total unpaid distribution of 26 098 trillion rupees.

Tobing claimed the high number of online lending companies was due to easy access to the website as police struggled to root them out because they had multiple servers stationed in foreign countries.

From the point of view of the victims, the rise of illegal loans is due to their ignorance of the legality of companies and their pressing financial needs.

Since 2018, the task force had terminated 3,631 illegal online loans. Tobing revealed the characteristics of illegal loans, such as no official license, no management identity, and a clear office address, providing an easy loan process that only required an ID card, a photo of the borrower and an account number.

Illegal online lending also does not give clear information about the cost of borrowing and the penalty. Businesses also had access to customers’ phones.

To this end, Tobing has provided tips for managing loans online. He urged people to only borrow money from FinTech companies registered in OJK and borrow according to their needs and abilities as well as production goals.

For those already facing online loans, Tobing suggested reporting the issues via email to waspadainvestasi@ojk.go.id. It is not suggested that people in debt with online loans find a new loan to pay off their previous debt.

People who have received inappropriate threats from a debt collector can block the number from which the threats were sent and instruct all their contacts to ignore messages regarding their debt. It was also suggested to report the number of the debt collector to the police.

Social Observer Dr Devie Rahmawati noted that the reason people use illegal online loans is due to their increased needs with low income, excessive consumption of digital society, as well as their neglect and neglect. poor financial knowledge.

Related News: Beware of Illegal Online Lending Services

The deletion of the registration number of the cooperative

Due to several illegal lending practices under cooperative names, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) would remove and revoke the Cooperative Registration Number (NIK) owned by the Savings Cooperative and bank who was practicing illegal online lending.

Cooperatives deputy at the Ministry of Cooperatives and MSMEs, Ahmad Zabadi, said his side had made serious efforts to tackle the existence of illegal online lending practices that used the savings and credit cooperative as pretext.

These illegal practices can tarnish the positive image of cooperatives and reduce the level of public confidence in cooperatives in Indonesia.

In addition, the Ministry of Cooperatives and MSMEs had held a meeting with the Central Council of the Association of Indonesian Notaries (PP-INI) not to immediately issue an act of cooperation without clear verification.

This effort follows several notaries who authorized the Savings and Credit Cooperative deed which was then used for illegal online lending practices.Related news: DPD president expresses support for police crackdown on illegal lending

A notary was able to authorize eight to 40 deeds of incorporation from 2020 to 2021.

The Ministry of Communications and Informatics had also sent a letter to the General Directorate of Computer Applications to adjust the new requirements for the savings and credit cooperative which had a license as an electronic system operator (PSE) .

This is in accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Communication and Informatics number 5 of 2020 on the private scope of operators of electronic systems. The new regulations required co-ops to complete the permit if they planned to operate as an ESP.

As provided for in Article 104, paragraph (2) of the Regulation of the Minister of Cooperatives and MSMEs No. 9 of 2018 on the organization and development of cooperatives, it stipulates that “cooperatives which organize savings and credit are required to have a savings and loan fund. loan business license issued by an authorized official “.

Zabadi and his team had checked out the One Office Building in South Jakarta used by around 20 savings and credit unions that conduct illegal online lending business practices. His team also dispatched a team to research several virtual office buildings used by other savings and credit unions.

Related News: Police Chief Reveals Modus Operandi of Fraudulent Online Loans

His team had also investigated the Space Inc building in West Jakarta and the Thamrin City building in central Jakarta.

The two locations have been used as virtual office addresses by seven savings and credit unions that have conducted illegal online lending business practices.

Based on the results of the team’s survey of the location, information was obtained that some co-ops had indeed rented a virtual office at this address but had not extended the rental period.

In addition, several illegal online loan companies were using fake addresses as offices.

Such facts call on the government to act to protect its people from the threat of illegal online lending.

Related News: More than 93.1 million Indonesians receive second dose of vaccine

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Where house prices go up and down in Dorset https://welcometopoole.co.uk/where-house-prices-go-up-and-down-in-dorset/ Sat, 27 Nov 2021 05:00:00 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/where-house-prices-go-up-and-down-in-dorset/ ZOOPLA has revealed the areas in Dorset where average house prices have changed the most over the past 12 months.

Dorset is full of unique places to live, with many stunning beauty spots, quaint villages and commuting areas close to major cities.

The coronavirus pandemic has also brought about an overhaul of people working from home, as people are less willing to live in larger areas in order to get to the office if their work can be done efficiently from home.

The pandemic has also caused house prices to change, with some reporting minimal increases or small declines in value. While a 2% growth doesn’t sound like much, it can still mean a few thousand extra pounds added to the average home value.

Using Zoopla data, we have compiled a list of the average home values ​​in all parts of Dorset and how they have changed over the past 12 months.

Looking at the list in general, it’s clear that towns near major roads like the A31, A350, and A354 are where the average house value is increasing, perhaps because people want move from smaller areas.

We have included towns or major areas of Dorset so we have not included small villages or suburbs of large areas.

Blandford Forum saw the biggest increase, growing 7.87% in value or £ 28,621 increase over the past 12 months. Portland, which is also the cheapest place to live in Dorset, came in second after reporting a £ 16,317 increase in average house prices over the past 12 months.

Sherborne in North Dorset reported the biggest drop in home value, with a £ 10,063 drop in average house prices.

From low to high, here are the changes in average house values ​​in towns and major areas of Dorset over the past 12 months:

  • Sherborne – Current value £ 378,726 a decrease of £ 10,063 (-2.59%)
  • Bridport – Current value £ 369,978, a decrease of £ 9,226 (-2.43%)
  • Charmouth – Current value £ 426,971, a decrease of £ 10,650 (-2.43%)
  • Beaminster – Current value £ 381,682, a decrease of £ 5,003 (-1.29%)
  • Swanage – Current value £ 408,139, a decrease of £ 4,258 (-1.03%)
  • Bournemouth – Current value £ 326,624, a decrease of £ 1,005 (-0.31%)
  • Shaftesbury – Current value £ 374,270, down £ 140 (-0.04%)
  • Weymouth – Current value of £ 289,348, an increase of £ 1,058 (0.37%)
  • Lyme Regis – Current value of £ 481,772, an increase of £ 2,779 (0.58%)
  • Poole – Current value £ 393,027, an increase of £ 4,761 (1.23%)
  • Christchurch – Current value of £ 431,404, an increase of £ 6,621 (1.56%)
  • Sturminster Newton – Current value £ 379,241, an increase of £ 5,845 (1.56%)
  • Dorchester – Current value £ 373,067, an increase of £ 5,908 (1.61%)
  • Bere Regis – Current value £ 353,646, an increase of £ 6,199 (1.78%)
  • Corfe Castle – Current value of £ 548,220, an increase of £ 9,608 (1.78%)
  • Wareham – Current value £ 403,276, an increase of £ 7,070 (1.78%)
  • Corfe Mullen – Current value £ 396,179, an increase of £ 12,112 (3.15%)
  • Wimborne – Current value £ 449,817, an increase of £ 13,753 (3.15%)
  • Ferndown – Current value £ 422,457, an increase of £ 13,973 (3.42%)
  • Gillingham – Current value of £ 305,640, an increase of £ 13,720 (4.70%)
  • Verwood – Current value of £ 405,101, an increase of £ 28,041 (7.44%)
  • Portland – Current value of £ 232,303, an increase of £ 16,317 (7.55%)
  • Blandford Forum – Current value of £ 392,544, an increase of £ 28,621 (7.87%)

Tom Parker, consumer spokesperson at Zoopla, said: ‘A highly desirable place to live, many parts of Dorset have a lot to offer homeowners and as a result house prices are higher.

“Besides the sandy beaches and natural beauty, there are perfect villages to explore, while towns like Bournemouth and Poole are full of places to eat, drink and shop.”

Best Personal Auto Loans – Company https://welcometopoole.co.uk/best-personal-auto-loans-company/ Fri, 26 Nov 2021 06:30:05 +0000 https://welcometopoole.co.uk/best-personal-auto-loans-company/

November 26, 2021

Sometimes buying a car requires you to apply for a loan. And it’s important to note that this question applies to both new and used vehicles. Sometimes the loan can cover 100% of the cost, while in other cases it will cover part.

The loan comparators they duplicate. On the one hand, they make it easier for you to find the available offers specific to that purchase. Second, and not least, they provide data on the main existing conditions. For both reasons, it is good that you have good information to make decisions on.

It is true that, depending on the circumstances, the amount you might need to buy a car will vary. Anyway, and according to the notes, these are the main alternatives on the market of online loans:

Hi! Loan +

The personal loan Hello! Loan + has a Score of 80%, being the highest. As strengths, we must underline the maximum that is granted (between 300 and 10,000 euros) and the repayment period (between 2 and 60 months). Of course, in counterpoint, it should be noted that the TAE of these loans is 59.88%. Either way, due to the reliability this company provides, this is one of the options that should not be overlooked.


The Cofidis car loan is also rated at 80% (4 out of 5 stars). The main assets are the amount granted (from 500 to 15,000 euros) and interest, a 19.93% TAE. Now the only downside is that the the maximum repayment period is shorter (from 2 to 43 months). This is a good option for used cars that you want to pay off quickly. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to take this possibility into account.


The Credit company is another of the benchmark operators on the market and has a Score of 80%. This is a great option if you want a low value, quick repayment loan. Unsurprisingly, the amount awarded is 500 to 5,000 euros the return period is 6 to 36 months. In addition, the rate loan interest is 21.99% APR, certainly acceptable. While there are shorter period options, they should be kept in mind.


A loan Ibancar.es This is another option that has good conditions for low or moderate spending. For example, he has a Overall score of 80%. In addition, the amount to be requested is between 600 to 6,000 euros, a return between 12 and 60 months. Finally, be aware that the APR is 18%, the smallest of this comparator. Therefore, if what you want is flexibility and good interests, It’s a possibility.


The loan of Findida.es is designed for a Quick return. On the other hand, it should be noted that the feedback is 70%. The general conditions are a concession of between 50 and 5,000 euros, to be returned between 3 and 24 months. Furthermore, it should be noted that the The APR is 79.6%. Therefore, you will be interested in this type of operation to buy a cheap used car.


The option of Zapo.es is the one that closes the classification, with a 50% rating. On the one hand, the amount granted is high, between 100 and 30,000 euros, to return between 5 days and 10 years. Second, the TAE is at acceptable levels for a fast return, 45%. Of course, the main problem is that more information is missing, which is extremely important.

In summary

The personal auto loans They can be of various types and, if you filter according to the user reviews, amount, interest and return conditions, it will be easy for you to find the option that interests you. At Finmero We have a comparison service to make it easier for you. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about the different offers.

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