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Motunrayo Kuti is the last child of the late Afrobeat maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Lately, the mother of a fair-skinned child has been causing a stir on social media. In this interview with the INDEPENDENT newspaper Lukmon Akintola, she talks about Fela, her relationship with her siblings and how she just happens to be engaged to a man who almost posted her nude photos.

A lot of people don’t really know your relationship with the Kuti family, can you tell us?

I am the last daughter of the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I am the daughter that Fela had with Najite Anikulapo Kuti.

Do you have any other siblings from your mother?

No, I am an only child. Only daughter of Najite and Fela, you know that Fela had a lot of wives.

Which Fela character would you say you have?

I don’t take any nonsense.

Was your mom one of his dancers?

Yes. My mother was a dancer for Fela’s group and her name was the fire dancer.

She must have been one of the 27 he married in his historic marriage


What does being Fela’s daughter mean to you?

As a child, it meant nothing to me except that he was my father in a polygamous family.

Did your mother tell you about the nostalgic moments she had with Fela?

My mom told me how crazy they were to be all together with one man. I can imagine.

Did the Fela brand or the Kuti name help you as a person?

It got me nowhere, although users of his brand gain a lot from it. Maybe I haven’t really pushed hard enough. But then again, I heard people need to help each other get to where they want to be. Nobody helped me. No one, I’m a graduate, and all of my family I’ve spoken to have never tried to help me. But I still believe that someday things will fall into place. No man is an island.

You have two musicians known as brothers; can’t you ask them for help?

I don’t want to talk about them, with all due respect. I’m honestly not looking for any mercy. It’s like that. No coating.

You are a product of the entertainment industry; is there any interest?

Yes, I have an interest in entertainment. I have an entertainment business that is up and running. We are not yet fat. Hopefully we can get some help and do something right because we have it all.

Don’t you intend to be a dancer like your mother or maybe a singer like your father?

No. There are too many family members fighting and arguing over this. I can not cope. It is exhausting and stressful.

What is the long term plan for your business?

Fundamentally, it’s about liberating young people through our music and entertainment. We also want to give young talents the opportunity to be great. You know this is a big deal. I just hope one day some help will come. Nigeria is difficult.

You regularly visit the shrine, what is your relationship with Femi, Yeni and Seun who are Fela’s most popular children?

We have no relationship other than being siblings. I love going to the shrine.

What intrigues you about the sanctuary?

It’s a family place and I have friends there.

Tell us about your training?

Well, I graduated in international relations. I graduated from Igbenedion University in Edo. I graduated in 2009.

How would you describe Motunrayo Kuti?

Motunrayo is lovable, brave, and courageous when needed. She is smart, intelligent and beautiful.

How is it possible that a beauty like you is not married, men are not interested in you?

I wish they weren’t interested. Maybe they take me for granted. I am happy despite everything.

You have a daughter out of wedlock, what’s the story?

There is no story to tell. She is my only daughter. Her name is Ifeniolami Akhilomé. I have no words to describe her because she represents the world and more for me.

There was a story about how a lover wanted to post your nude photos, what really happened?

He was hurt and hurt. He hurt me and I hurt him.

A sexy photo of you holding a wrap around your cleavage recently surfaced on social media; was it you who published it or was it the work of your lover?

This was posted by me on my Instagram wall.

It was a party photo. It was to celebrate my 35th birthday.

How did you finally handle the situation?

We sorted it out. We are always together. We love each other and there is more consideration and respect now. It’s a past problem and I don’t remember it. A lot of great things happened afterwards. It was in 2015.

Is the relationship heading for the altar now?

We are engaged, and yes we are planning to have a baby.

Is this same man the father of your child, Ifeniolami?

No he’s not.

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