Flimwell: the picturesque village in East Sussex which houses a refuge of the Russian Embassy

Nestled in the heart of the High Weald is a village that is home to a hideout of the Russian Embassy. Flimwell is located on the A21 in one of the most remote parts of Sussex.

With Bewl Water and Bedgebury Pinetum a stone’s throw away, the village is surrounded by beautiful countryside and dense woodland. While it’s no surprise that the village is highly sought after, with house prices averaging 566,416, it has also attracted some rather unique visitors to the Sussex Weald.

Seacox House, at the east end of the village, has been shrouded in mystery since its construction. First built by the famous Hawkhurst Gang over 300 years ago, it was used by Chief Arthur Gray to hide contraband.

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The large basement cellars played a key role in the gang’s smuggling activities which ran from Rye to Poole. The property was rebuilt in 1871, but was later gifted to the Soviet government by Lord Gushen after World War II.

Since then it has been used by the Soviets and later by the Russian government as a residence.

Seacox House is tucked away near the A268

In 1999, he was at the center of a local debate due to alleged “killer” dogs at the estate. Local sheep farmer Graham Browne complained his flock had been decimated by Alsatian dogs on the estate, the Guardian reported.

The farmer, from Hawkhurst, said the dogs had been released three times in two months, killing 50 sheep and attacking 100 others. Mr Browne said the police were helpless because the dogs had diplomatic status, although the Foreign Office replied that a ‘dog does not enjoy immunity under the Diplomatic Privileges Act’ .

The East Sussex village is also known for the incredible views it offers of the High Weald. Nearby Bedgebury Pinetum is particularly beautiful, while locals also enjoy a vantage point over Bewl Water.

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