George Floyd’s family warn Chauvin’s prison sentence “isn’t tough enough”

Relatives of George Floyd have criticized the 22-and-a-half-year sentence imposed on former police officer Derek Chauvin as too lenient.

One of Mr. Floyd’s brothers, Rodney Floyd, called the phrase a “slap on the wrist.”

“We were given a life sentence for not having had it in our lifetime, and it hurts me to death,” he said.

Another brother, Terrence Floyd, said he was “a little wary about the conviction” until he had a dream in which his father appeared.

George Floyd’s cousin Brandon Williams said the sentence was not severe enough (Court TV via AP, Pool)

“I knew my dad was like, ‘You’re good. it is good. keep doing what you are doing. For me, for your brother, for your name, ”he said. “We are Floyd strong and we are going to stay strong.”

Nephew Brandon Williams said the sentence was not severe enough.

“We cannot get George back,” he said.

Floyd family attorney Ben Crump said the family had “some responsibility” but is hopeful that Chauvin gets the most in his next federal civil rights trial.

Mr Crump said it was the longest sentence a police officer has ever received in Minnesota.

“Real justice would just be for George Floyd to be here with his family,” Mr. Crump said.

“We have to remember that the real justice in America will be black men and black women and people of color who don’t have to worry about being killed by the police just because of the color of their skin. It would be real justice.

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