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With the return of the Premier League, analysis by Birmingham real estate and rental agent Barrows and Forrester looked at which UK players saw the biggest transfer fees from a real estate market perspective by looking at their hometown compared to their current clubs.

Jack Grealish’s move to Man City may have broken the bank with a transfer fee of £ 105,750,000, but it hasn’t been the best from a property market perspective.

His hometown of Solihull is currently home to an average property price of £ 309,171. However, with an average house price of just £ 196,333, his move to Manchester City saw a -36% drop in the house price pedigree.

Sancho and Sterling are the only players to have seen a bigger drop after both moving from London to Manchester.

House prices in Trafford are -40% lower than in Sancho’s hometown, Southwark, while house prices in Manchester City are -60% lower than in Sterling’s hometown, Brent.

But a move to Manchester isn’t always negative from a house price perspective. House prices in Trafford, where Harry Maguire now plies his trade, are 82% higher than in his hometown of Sheffield.

Kyle Walker was also born and raised in Sheffield and his move to Manchester City means a 3% increase in the value of the property market.

Property values ​​in Madrid are 9% more expensive than the average house price in Cardiff. So while Bale might not be having the best time in Spain, he still made a positive move in house prices.

The two most notable British players to have seen the biggest increases in house prices between their hometowns and current clubs are Ben Chilwell and Ben White.

Currently in Chelsea, house prices in Hammersmith and Fulham are 178% higher than Chillwell’s hometown of Milton Keynes, while house prices in Islington, where White currently plays for Arsenal, are 151% higher than his Poole’s hometown.

Barrows and Forrester Managing Director James Forrester said:

“It’s great to see so many British players move from grassroots football in their hometowns to the world stage playing for some of the best teams in the world. But who would have thought that by doing so, some of them would be making a negative move when it comes to house prices.

Of course, with the mind-boggling amounts of money involved in modern gambling, we can be sure that wherever they play they will be living in some of the more expensive homes on the market.

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