Heatwave set to see ‘hottest day of the year’ in Dorset – Updates

Parts of Dorset look set for record temperatures today (June 17) as the county is forecast to see highs between 29C and the mid-30s according to experts. It comes as the Met Office issued a level 3 heat wave warning across the UK as the hot weather poses a potential risk to public health.

It will mark the hottest day this week and could even become the hottest day of the year so far in Dorset. According to local weather expert, Shaun Lovett, who runs the @DorsetSnow Twitter account, he revealed that if temperatures hit 34C it would “break the June record for Dorset”.

The Met Office warns that ‘the peak of the heat is expected on Friday, with daytime highs likely to reach the low to mid 30s Celsius across large parts of central and southern England.’ However, what is different about this particular heat wave is that unlike the predicted sunny daytime hours, Friday’s peak heat is not around lunchtime, but rather throughout throughout the afternoon and early evening.

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The Met Office notes that this ‘Amber Heatwave action alert’ is being triggered so health and social services have time to target specific actions at high-risk groups. The advice from forecasters is to be careful of others, especially the elderly, young children, babies and people with underlying health conditions.

In order to stay cool in the heat, it is recommended to close the curtains in rooms exposed to the sun, to drink plenty of fluids, to avoid excess alcohol and to dress according to the weather. The RSPCA has also issued separate advice to keep our four-legged friends safe in hot weather.

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