“I can’t believe we survived this” – Dorset father emerges from crushed trailer after being hit by tree

A HUSBAND and his wife say they are lucky to be alive after crawling out of their crushed trailer which was hit by a falling tree.

David Ward, 51, lives with his wife and three children in two large static caravans as construction on their new home on Wareham Road in Corfe Mullen is underway.

At around 8:15 a.m. Sunday morning (October 31), a tree suddenly crashed into David and Samantha Ward’s trailer, leaving them stranded in their bed.

Mr Ward, who has moved from London, said: ‘I am building a new house and lived in a static caravan with my family while it was being built.

“There are a few trees near us.

The tree crashed into their trailer on Sunday morning. Photo: David Ward

“We were sleeping and the next thing we found out, a tree fell from our roof and it came straight at us. The branch also pierced the caravan next door with my children inside.

Mr Ward and his wife were able to get out of their stricken trailer and also rescued their dog as they ran to watch over their children, Max, Vincent and Kashmir.

A grateful father could see they were safe and sound, but Mr. Ward suffered a cut to the head. His wife Samantha suffered cuts and bruises.

He said: “The first thing we did was make sure the children were safe and then we took the children out of the trailer and brought them into our house.

“I had to pull the dog from under the bed which was also trapped.

“We can’t believe we’re alive and I really can’t believe we survived this.”

Dorset Echo: Mr Ward said he was lucky to be alive after the tree crashed into the trailerMr Ward said he was lucky to be alive after the tree crashed into the trailer

The large tree crashed into the roof and crumbled part of the static trailer, with personal effects now crushed.

As a result, the badly damaged trailer is now habitable and Mr Ward is currently seeking temporary accommodation for himself and his family.

Mr Ward said: “We were hoping to move into the new house in two to three months, but I think we will have to move in now.

“But it’s not habitable because there is no hot water or heating at the moment. We’re just going to decide what to do as a family.

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