MAPPED: every crime reported in the BCP in August

REPORTS of crime in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole fell in August despite a busy tourist month.

According to the latest figures from, a total of 3,825 crimes were reported in the metropolitan area in August, up from 4,097 in July.

August had the lowest number of reported crimes compared to July, June and May.

Reports of antisocial behavior within the metropolitan area decreased significantly in Augusut to 1,132 – in July, 1,298 incidents of antisocial behavior were reported to the police.

The second most reported crime was violence and sexual offenses with 1,112, up from 1,231 in July.

In the metropolitan area as a whole, the third highest crime was criminal damage and arson, which was the subject of 312 reports.

Vehicle crimes (240), other thefts (283) and public order offenses (204) all received similar rates of reports throughout July in the BCP board area.

The lowest reported crimes were personal theft (24), robbery (30) and other crimes (17).

Chief Superintendent Mark Callaghan, PCO’s local police area commander, said: “This summer a number of key operations and campaigns have been launched in the county with the aim of ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. The operations focused on early intervention and prevention.

“This included Operation Relentless, the Force’s campaign to reduce anti-social behavior (ASB). The operation was intended to remind residents and visitors that Dorset Police are taking a harsh approach towards the ASB and has sent a very clear message to those involved that it simply will not be tolerated in the county.

“The decrease in reports of BSA can also be attributed to the fact that previously some incidents related to COVID would have been recorded as antisocial behavior.

“Officers conducted proactive citywide patrols throughout August as part of Operation Relentless.

This crime map shows you every violation reported to Dorset Police in the built-up area in August.

Scroll the map or search for a postcode to see crime rates on each road in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole:

Bournemouth recorded a total of 2,257 reports, Christchurch received 336 and Poole reported 1,232 crimes in August 2021.

Chief Superintendent Mark Callaghan said: “A targeted drink and drug collection campaign also lasted six weeks in July and August to coincide with the complete unblocking of the hospitality industry.

“Serious violence and sexual offenses remain a priority for the Force and this summer saw the launch of Operation Vigilant in Bournemouth town center. Operation Vigilant is proactive policing based on the use of both plainclothes officers and high visibility patrols during the night economy to spot and respond to aggressive, predatory and intrusive sexual behavior.

“As we move into fall and winter, I want to reassure our communities that our focus on reducing anti-social behavior, drug abuse, violent crime and serious sexual offenses continues and that our agents will remain there in our communities to make sure the public is safe and feels safe.

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