No parking complaints recorded during busiest BCP weekends

EX-COUNCIL Vikki Slade spoke out against BCP’s management of parking and tourism during the city’s busiest weekends.

After a weekend of parking chaos with over 800 tickets issued in Bournemouth and 0.1% usage in the new Park and Ride, Cllr Vikki Slade condemned the management of the council.

Despite the chaos following the hottest weekend of the year so far, June 12 and 13, the council confirmed it had not received any official parking complaints.

The BCP board has in fact confirmed that it has not received any formal complaints during the busiest weekends of the year so far.

The Daily Echo asked the council for the number of complaints received during the two public holiday weekends in May and the first two weekends in June.

The dates included the public holidays from the beginning of May, from April 30 to May 3 inclusive, the spring holidays, from May 39 to May 31, as well as the first two weekends of that month from June 4 to June 6 and from 11 June to June 13.

Former Head of Council and Broadstone Ward Councilor in Poole Vikki Slade said: “Just because there haven’t been any formal complaints doesn’t mean everyone is happy.

“Just look at all social media to see the locals – who live here 365 days a year – and how angry and disappointed they are that there is a big promise on how it was going to be different this year. and actually, if you look at what they say, why the hell did the council say it would be perfect when it was utter and utter chaos.

“800 people got parking tickets, it’s a big problem. They cost 30 pounds and these people came from London, they would pay 30 pounds to park anyway.

“Everyone will understand that as long as you’re ready to receive a ticket – whether or not you can pay – you’re fine. ”

Taking the weekend, 11-13 June, as a snapshot – 800 parking fines were handed out in Bournemouth and seaside car parks were full by 10am across the built-up area.

The new Kings Park relay park welcomed 570 visitors throughout the weekend, while there were 400,000 visitors to Bournemouth.

“The other problem is that we had two relay parks and yes 400 to 500 people used them, but 400 people out of 400,000 – I hardly call it a success.

“What are they doing not to encourage people to use the park and to go beyond encouragement – point people out and say there is no parking access on the beach, you must use the park.

“Otherwise people will always choose to park near the beach, if you have half a dozen kids and have a choice, you will go near the beach.

“The staff did a great job, the traffic wardens were awesome, but what I’m really upset about is the over-promises and how fantastic everything was going to be.

“The reason there probably weren’t any formal complaints is that they know it won’t blindly make a difference, so they might as well not care.”

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “The BCP Council has anticipated and recognized the increased demand for parking due to stays and we are doing what we can to accommodate everyone who wants to visit our award winning waterfront. on several occasions this summer.

“We have set up a park and ride, developed a beach app and are continually improving our signage and communications to improve the visitor experience. For example, regarding Bournemouth town center, we noted that some of our indoor car parks such as Richmond Gardens Multi-story car parks, Avenue Road and Cotlands Road have capacity during busy weekends and, as such, are currently working to better inform people of their availability and the possibility of parking and walking to the beach, shops and restaurants.

“In terms of handling complaints about irresponsible parking, Council continues to recruit more enforcement officers, increase towing capacity and undertake a review of other potential enforcement actions to encourage better enforcement. behaviour.”

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