Poole Street named one of the most expensive places to buy

GET AROUND Millionaire’s Row in Sandbanks.

A street in Lilliput where the average price of a house is £ 3.4million has been named one of the most expensive streets in the country.

Pearce Avenue turned out to be the most expensive street in the southwest, according to the Halifax analysis.

The average street price of property will bring buyers down to £ 3,478,000.

Average prices are based on transactions between 2016 and 2021, using cadastral figures.

Tite Street in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, which is nestled along the River Thames, has been identified as the most expensive street in the UK.

Property hunters looking to live in the prestigious route are expected to shell out £ 28.9million.

Second on the list was Phillimore Gardens, with an average house price on the prestigious street near Holland Park estimated at nearly £ 25.2million.

Old Hall Road in Windermere (£ 2,508,000) led the Northern region, which includes parts of the Lake District as well as the North East of England.

Research revealed that Benar Headland in Pwllheli was the most expensive street in Wales with an average price of £ 2,152,000.

In Cardiff, the most expensive street was Llandennis Avenue, where the average price will cost buyers £ 1,361,000.

In the North West of England, Barrow Lane in leafy Altrincham was the most expensive street with an average of £ 3,706,000.

In Yorkshire and the Humber, Fulwith Mill Lane, Harrogate, at £ 1,797,000, was followed by Ling Lane in Leeds at £ 1,551,000.

In the West Midlands, Carpenter Road in Birmingham (£ 3,088,000) took first place and in the East Midlands it was Benscliffe Road in Leicester (£ 3,288,000).

Chaucer Road in Cambridge was the most expensive street (£ 3,610,000) in East Anglia.

In Newcastle, Montagu Avenue was the most expensive in the city at £ 1,369,000.

The five most expensive streets in the UK, according to Halifax, all of which are in London, with postcode and average house prices:

1. Rue Tite, SW3, £ 28,902,000

2. Phillimore Gardens, W87, £ 25,188,000

3. South Audley Street, W1K, £ 22,850,000

4. Chelsea Square, SW3, £ 18,800,000

5. Queen Anne’s Gate, SW1, £ 17,563,000

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