Sex shop burglar gets 12 months in prison

A MAN who has committed a series of offenses including burglary of a sex shop, assault and criminal damage was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

However, Cameron Davis, 28, with no fixed address, was released from court after having already spent six months in pre-trial detention.

Davis appeared in the dock at Bournemouth Crown Court yesterday.

He had pleaded guilty to burglary, attempted burglary, two counts of assault, criminal damages, attempted assault on a police officer and failure to appear.

Earlier, prosecutor Mike Mason explained in court how, on August 12 of last year, Davis walked into Costcutter in Palmerston Road and threw a drink on the floor.

“In an angry and frustrated manner, he went to the dairy refrigerator and swept bottles on the floor,” Mr. Mason said. “He walked down the second aisle and pushed bottles of wine onto the floor.”

The next day Davis asked a staff member at Bournemouth Town Hall if he was open, to which she said no, and he would have to make an appointment.

The accused then threw a bag at the staff member and started yelling and cursing at her until she ran away.

A second woman attempted to film the incident, so Davis grabbed the phone and spat in her face.

On November 19, 2020, Davis attended Bournemouth Police Station regarding the assault on the two women.

When PC Benjamin Pope asked him about welfare, he became abusive and resisted the officers, resulting in him being sprayed.

He grabbed PC Pope’s leg, narrowly missing his genitals, and he could only be stopped when an officer punched him in the face.

Then, on January 2, 2021, police received a report of a burglary at Easy Tiger in the Triangle.

Officers arrived and found a broken window and located Davis inside with sex toys in his possession.

Pictures showed him arriving alone and throwing a brick at the window to enter.

Finally, on January 5, Davis attempted to rob a property in Winfrith Newburgh. The dining room window had been pierced, but the defendant was unable to enter and nothing was taken.

He also obtained access to the property’s pool house.

Reading an impact statement from the owner of this property, Mr. Mason said, “Living in a secluded place is a constant fear of being vulnerable, it will exacerbate that feeling.

“The sound of the window breaking will stay with me every night we’re here. ”

As a mitigation, defense attorney David Jenkins told the court how Davis had been using cocaine since his early twenties but was able to quit using drugs when he moved to the Bournemouth area he two years ago for a construction job.

But when the job was lost and no other jobs were available, due to the Covid lockdowns, Davis’ mental health began to deteriorate and he began using crack cocaine.

He was eventually admitted to St Ann’s Hospital suffering from psychosis.

The court heard that in his delusional state, Davis was even convinced both of his parents were dead, which was not the case.

Davis is now arrested for illegal drugs and is being treated for his mental condition.

Referring to the time of the offenses, Mr Jenkins said: “His sanity was such that his desire was to kill himself.”

Judge Brian Forster QC, sentencing Davis to 12 months in prison, said: “This court has the welfare of all households living in the area in mind.

But the judge also told Davis: “It is clear that you were having a terrible time when you had to be admitted to the local mental hospital.

“You are someone who has used drugs for a good part of your life.

“It has contributed to your mental decline.

Judge Forster told Davis: “I hope you keep your word and leave this life behind.”

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