Staff shortage suspends BCP Council garden waste collections

GARDEN waste collections throughout the territory of the BCP Council are suspended until further notice.

This decision is due to the number of waste collection workers needing to self-isolate and a nationwide shortage of temporary workers available.

The decision of the BCP Council concerns all green waste collections in the agglomeration and comes into force on Monday July 26.

Residents directly affected by the suspension from July 26 will be informed later of alternative arrangements to compensate for the loss of service.

In the meantime, green waste can still be sent to household recycling centers in the three cities for disposal.

Kate Langdown, Director of Environment, BCP Council, said: “Sadly, the extent to which staff have had to isolate themselves has reached such proportions that we, along with many other councils across the country, are now at the point where we had no other choice to take action and suspend non-essential green waste collection services. There is a nationwide shortage of LGV drivers nationwide and the boards are competing with the private sector, including supermarkets, for additional staff at this time.

“We have made catch-up collections in recent days to deal with the estimated 200 tonnes of green waste still pending, but it is no longer possible to maintain them. It is also the peak vacation season and many employees who have worked overtime in the past year are given time off. In addition, the heat has also had an adverse effect on some of our trucks which need to be replaced and a number had to be taken care of for repair.

“Therefore, to maintain normal waste collection, we had to remove existing staff from green waste routes to ensure that all other bins continue to be collected. This is not a decision taken lightly and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The suspension takes effect on Monday July 26 and will be reviewed weekly.

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