Strikethrough punter smashed glasses in Dorset pub in drunkenness incident

A drunk man showed up at a banned Dorset pub and smashed glasses in a random attack late at night – before “kicking” a police officer, he said. declared a court.

Michael Doucas, 29, walked into the Half Moon pub on Half Moon Street in Sherborne around 12:30 am on Sunday August 1.

Prosecutor Andrew Newman explained to Weymouth Magistrates’ Court how a member of staff had been alerted to the sounds of broken glasses.

Mr Newman said: “Police were called to this location and pub staff said around 15-20 glasses had been shattered.

“The accused had been escorted out of the pub by an employee of the establishment’s bar. It happened after a member of the pub staff heard the sound of a broken glass.

Weymouth District Court

“He had been banned from the pub three months before and by the time the police arrived the glass had been swept.

“The accused was on the ground and escorted to a police vehicle. ”

Doucas then kicked the vehicle door with his knee.

Mr. Newman added that Doucas had “kicked out” a police officer and was arrested for assaulting a rescuer.

Doucas claimed “he had slipped and did not want to hit him”, but then admitted criminal damage and assaulting a police officer.

Mr Newman read a Dorset Police “community impact statement” which spoke of the frequency with which their officers were subjected to threats and violence.

Doucas, of Simons Road in Sherborne, pleaded guilty to criminal damages in the amount of £ 20 at the Half Moon pub and assaulting a rescue worker.

Mitigating, Des Reynolds, explained how Doucas suffered from mental health issues and struggled with newly prescribed medications.

He stopped taking the drug because he felt “vulnerable” three days before the incident and was drinking alcohol at night.

Mr Reynolds said: “He was drinking quite a lot of alcohol and this irrational behavior broke glasses and behavior that is not in his character.

“He takes the drug, is more stable and does not repeat the behavior. He regrets the incident and has apologized to the police and the pub and is ashamed of what it was.

Mr Reynolds said Doucas feared losing his job “very sadly”.

Magistrates President Mike Davis said: “You have lost your good character and that is something you will never get back because you now have a criminal record.”

Doucas was fined £ 500 and £ 85 in court costs on the assault charge, while he also faces a £ 50 fine and £ 20 compensation at the pub.

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