Support for the balustrades of Weymouth harbor after the death of Louis Harris

THE FAMILY and the friend of a teenager whose body was found in Weymouth Harbor have spoken out in favor of the new safety railings along Custom House Quay.

Louis Harris of Dorchester was celebrating his friend James Trowbridge’s 19th birthday at the Royal Oak in Dorchester and then at Rendezvous in Weymouth on February 14, 2016.

Weymouth Harbor

The next morning Mr Trowbridge discovered Louis was missing after being seen in the early hours of the morning leaving the club and heading for Weymouth harbor.

Mr Trowbridge, now 24, who lives in Crossways, said: “There were seven of us at the party.

“We separated around 3 am.

“Later, we found out that Louis had been seen heading for the port – but we did not see him again that night.”

Louis’s parents said, “He wasn’t used to drinking alcohol and didn’t go out often.

“He came home from college on Saturday night.

“The month before, he said how much he looked forward to being home for the week and going out for his friend’s birthday.

Louis’s body was discovered near the city’s ferry terminal a month later.

“That month was surreal.

“I was devastated and shocked. It was the worst possible outcome,” said Mr Trowbridge.

“I’m all for the port security railings.

‘I have seen people complaining about them and I can see it from a political point of view – the fact that Dorset Council did not consult with City Council about the installation, but if they can saving a life is worth it.

“We lost our friend and it has been very difficult since then.”

Dorset Echo: Louis Harris died aged 18 after a night out with friends in WeymouthLouis Harris died aged 18 after a night out with friends in Weymouth

Louis Harris’ family said, “As we enter a period of increasing traffic on the wharf, we urge the public to be very careful around the water.

“We alike urge all with responsibilities – elected and unelected – to put aside any political differences, unite and work best practices, making Quayside’s environment safe for all.

“We support the position taken by the Dorset Council on April 16.”

Dorset Council declined to comment.

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