Surprised house hunters in Dorset transfixed by statue of saint who looks like Hollywood legend Nicolas Cage

House hunting is rarely a pleasant activity and moving is considered one of the most stressful things you can do in life. Whether you’re a serious property buyer or just dreaming of that multi-million pound mansion to win the lottery, it’s easy to spend hours online looking for the perfect property.

A property for sale in Dorset has house hunters stopping the scroll thanks to a strange light fixture in a corner of the house. The house which is listed with an estate agent in Poole is attracting attention due to its life-size statue standing serenely in the front room.

The statue’s resemblance to Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage entices potential buyers to double down and provide a talking point drawing extra attention to the property. Viewers can see the statue in the house marketed by Leader Fox.

The strange sighting cannot be viewed online via the listing gallery, but it does appear when viewing the property via the 360° virtual tour. As you walk through the front room, in the corner is a large bronze-colored statue of a monk, which some say resembles Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage.

As reported in DorsetLive, the strange 6ft wooden structure is that of Saint Francis of Assisi which sits in the corner of the front room of a property which is currently on the market for £375,000. The house itself is bright and airy and completely unassuming, there’s nothing to suggest it contains a weird Nicolas Cage-esq statue.

The sculpture of Saint Francis of Assisi is ornate and shows him wearing a long robe with rosary beads hanging from his waist as he holds a cross. It is said to have once stood in a church in Bournemouth before the previous owners decided to display it in their own home.

Although the Leader Fox listing noted that “landlords are offering potential buyers a choice of upstairs carpet color,” it’s unclear whether the law accompanies the property. However, it appears the listing has been an unusual shocker for many potential homeowners looking for a home to live in.

The property is located on Ashley Road, Poole in zone BH14. It offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with bay windows and a good sized garden with patio.

Most of the rooms are also equipped with modern furniture, which contrasts with the old-looking statue. Onlookers at this property have taken to the internet to share their thoughts on the statue.

While some compared the structure to award-winning actor Nicolas Cage, others said it reminded them of the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who. Either way, the statue caused shock and horror to many.

We just hope the statue doesn’t put off too many potential buyers. You can view the full listing of this property on the Leader Fox website here.

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