Taunton Raynham Dighton Berkley Real Estate Sale June 21-25

TAUNTON – So how does the high demand, low inventory housing market play out in terms of price in the Taunton area?

Here is your chance to find out.

Starting this week, the Taunton Daily Gazette is releasing a new feature to help readers keep tabs on local house prices, with sales and data provided by The Warren Group, a publisher of real estate and mortgage data based in Massachusetts. The Warren Group obtains its information from publicly recorded real estate transactions in each city. The Gazette receives the information a few weeks after its public registration.

Single-family homes aren’t the only ones listed. Also included are multi-family homes, vacant lots, and commercial and industrial buildings and properties.

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This new online feature of the Taunton Daily Gazette will not be available to subscribers until August. If you haven’t already subscribed, now is a great time to sign up: the cost is only $ 1 for the first six months. The data will also appear in the Friday print editions of the Gazette.

This 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,078 square foot home on the Taunton River at 513 Berkley St, Berkley, sold on 6/24/2021 for $ 763,000.


To Spada, Kori and Spada, Richard; de Vesey, Robert P and Vesey, Deborah A; 15 Crabapple Dr, Berkley, 6/23/2021, for $ 530,000.

At Norcott, Robert B and Norcott, Jessica; of Curral, Jennie and Moniz, Franklin; 73 Sanford St, Berkley, 6/23/2021, for $ 449,900.

To Nagle, Carol; de Côté, Cheryl L and Côté, Ronald; 513 Berkley St, Berkley, 6/24/2021, for $ 763,000.

This 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,084 square foot home located at 218 Chase St, Dighton, sold on 6/24/2021 for $ 420,000.


In Pacheco-Mendonca, Steven; of Pires Jr, Dennis M and Pires, Jennifer K; 2143 Elm St, Dighton, 6/21/2021, for $ 410,000.

In Fitzgerald, Marie; of Carpenter, Chad and Carpenter, Jessica; 1520 Smith St, Dighton, 6/21/2021, for $ 600,000.

To Devito, Danile; of Leach, Alan S and Leach, Barbara; 494 Tremont St, Dighton, 6/22/2021, for $ 310,000.

To Legacy North Prop Inc; de Verrier, Marydanielle A; 3423 Sharps Lot Rd, Dighton, 6/22/2021, for $ 326,000.

In Alhajj, Rony E and Hajji, Abedelilah; from Cifala, Salvatore; 218 Chase St, Dighton, 6/24/2021, for $ 420,000.

To Grossman, Stewen E and Grossman, Jennifer R; of Bisson, Brad D and Bisson, Lauri K; 1360 Smith St, Dighton, 6/25/2021, for $ 565,000.

In Gurgel, Regina and Pereira, Ismail G; of Maslen, Emma L and Rupp, Christopher C; 791 Main St, Dighton, 6/25/2021, for $ 420,000.

This 6 bedroom, 6 bath, 5,788 square foot home located at 156 Forest St., Raynham, sold on June 23 for $ 1.4 million.


To Torres, Brenda and Torres, William; of 259 Darrington Dr T and Luciano, Gordon D; 259 Darrington Dr, Raynham, 6/21/2021, for $ 629,900.

To Saya, Michael and Saya, Jeanne; from Locurto, Kathleen and Locurto, Leo; 207 Clubhouse Cir, Raynham, 6/22/2021, for $ 509,900.

To McKay, James; of LLL T and Smith, Richard J; 156 Forest St, Raynham, 6/23/2021, for $ 1,400,000.

In Irizawa, Terumi; of Mulligan, Brian P and Mulligan, Jean; 64 Hewitt Dr, Raynham, 6/24/2021, for $ 865,000.

This 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,622 square foot home located at 42 N Pleasant St, Taunton, sold on 6/21/2021 for $ 318,000.


In Evora, Jorge J and Wharton, Irialdina; of Lopes, Daniel D and Lopes, Maria; 42 N Pleasant St, Taunton, 6/21/2021, for $ 318,000.

In Ramos, Deborah M; of Heath, Christine and Heath, Richard; 1607 Carriage Ln, Taunton, 6/22/2021, for $ 248,000.

In Alves, Jay L; of Devenport, David C; 51 Hodges Ave, Taunton, 6/22/2021, for $ 250,000.

At Spotts, Sirdavid A; of King FT and King, Justin P; 18 Monadnock Ave, Taunton, 6/22/2021, for $ 480,000.

In Valme-Pierre, Jean E and Valme-Pierre, Shleiden; of Chaves, Daniel and Chaves, Melissa; 516 Weir St, Taunton, 6/22/2021, for $ 600,000.

To Bryant, Jean G; from Marotte, Karen J and Camara, Melissa A; 43 Purchase St, Taunton, 6/22/2021, for $ 270,000.

In Alcantara, Victor M; of Gregory, Cheryl M; 80 Kings Pond Rd, Taunton, 6/23/2021, for $ 375,000.

In Parma, Maryjo F; de Lévesque, Paula; 27 Silver St, Taunton, 6/23/2021, for $ 300,000.

This 5 bedroom, 4 bath, 3,114 square foot home located at 115 Alanita Dr, Taunton, sold on 6/23/2021 for $ 630,000.

In Cabral, Carlos; de Ponts Robert L Est and Peart, Alicia M; 115 Alanita Dr, Taunton, 6/23/2021, for $ 630,000.

To Jacques, Maxonne; by Christalin, Lucien and Joseph, Wedna C; 162 Weir St, Taunton, 6/23/2021, for $ 475,000.

To Johnson, Donna and Johnson, garrison; by Ramya Sriram Ravipati RET and Ravipati, Ramya; 52 Paula Dr, Taunton, 6/23/2021, for $ 475,000.

To Arthur, Rachel; of Short Eunice M Est and Short Jr, Albert W; 70 Shores St, Taunton, 6/23/2021, for $ 235,000.

To Neil, Michael J and Neil, Kaitlyn S; of Lee, Barbara L and Lee, Brandon A; 108 Devon St, Taunton, 6/24/2021, for $ 560,000.

To Peters, Ashley M and Peters, Nathan A; from Solorzano, John and Solorzano, Stafanie; 63 Marjorie Way, Taunton, 6/24/2021, for $ 520,000.

To Daye, Herbert and Daye, Jessica; de Lassiter, Larry K and Lassiter, Loundy U; 81 Red Cir, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 370,000.

In Kechawah, Roger and Ndifang, Bernice; of Taylor, Vincent and Taylor, Beth; 925 Crane Ave S, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 369,200.

At Mcnelis, Olivia K; of Poole, Christopher S; 125 Highland St, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 271,000.

To Daly, Robert and Daly, Victoria; of Johnson, Danielle T; 14 Whitehill St, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 475,000.

To Benoit, Jean G; of Stewart, Brian S; 2 Morton St, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 470,000.

In Martins, Claudia; of Kellogg, Lauren M and Kellogg, Ryan M; 32 John St, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 335,000.

In Corcoran, Susan M; of Medeiros, Jarrod and Medeiros, Elizabeth; 162 Oak St, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 265,000.

A Querette, Marie E and Jacques, Guerlyne; DLP Realty LLC; 32 Fremont St, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 517,000.

At Docanto, Micky B; from Zikmund, Kimberly A; 1303 Carriage Ln, Taunton, 6/25/2021, for $ 235,000.

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