The charming beach 120 minutes from London located next to the “most expensive coastal street in the world”

Visit the peaceful and picturesque Canford Cliffs and you will clearly understand why this part of the Dorset coast is home to some of the most expensive waterfront homes in the world.

Canford Cliffs is characterized by golden sands and turquoise seas – yes, in England – as well as sandy cliffs and pretty beach huts that date back to 1927.

It is a peaceful and tranquil beach with stunning views and crystal clear water. There isn’t much to do, but there is an ice cream stand, so Canford Cliffs is perfect for a relaxing break from the busy London life.

It’s just over two hours by car from central London, which makes a day trip to Canford Cliffs more than comfortable, but there is so much to see in the area that you could certainly see it. do a weekend.

Nestled between Bournemouth and Poole, this area of ​​the south coast boasts award winning Blue Flag beaches and beautiful housing estates.

One of these residential developments is Sandbanks, dubbed “the most expensive coastal street in the world”.

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Sandbanks enjoys a unique location on the peninsula, away from other towns and villages, as well as a beach “of the highest quality, with fine golden sand and clear, sparkling waters,” according to Visit Dorset.

Beautiful Sandbanks Beach is located on a secluded peninsula between Poole and Bournemouth

Panorama Road, known as ‘Millionaire’s Row’, has just 13 houses, but is now the most expensive stretch of coastal property in the world, with a combined property value of £ 93million, Country life claimed in 2018.

Panorama Road’s total price per square foot exceeded that of waterfront streets in Miami and Monte Carlo, the cheapest property worth £ 5.2million in 2018.

The street is only 250 feet long and the narrow plots of each property are between 40 and 60 feet.

The properties on Panorama Road offer views of the second largest natural harbor in the world, with privacy at the front of the houses and gardens at the rear that run down to the water’s edge.

Waterfront houses on Sandbanks in Dorset, which has been named Britain’s most expensive seaside town

The property across the street once belonged to John Lennon and former football coach Harry Redknapp, and its architecture ranges from Tudor mansions to modern villas.

Adrian Dunford, realtors at Sandbanks Tailor Made, told the Daily mail in 2018: “We now believe this part of Sandbanks is the most expensive coastal part on the planet in terms of price per square foot.

“The multi-million pound mansions in Miami and Monte Carlo will be on plots of land much larger than those in Sandbanks.

“The problem with Sandbanks is that it’s a peninsula so we’re locked in. You can’t increase the number of properties and therefore supply and demand dictate the prices.

“This row of properties is located in the most enviable part of Sandbanks. The houses have direct access to the water and also overlook the busier part of the harbor.”

The cliffs and sandbanks of Canford seem like perfect places to relax on a sandy beach, soak up the rare English sunshine, and dream of living in one of these incredible homes.

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