“The demand for personnel continues to grow”

Demand for personnel is increasing across the country amid a continuing decline in the number of job applicants, according to a new study.

Recruiters said they are placing a record number of permanent and temporary workers in jobs.

Competition for workers has driven up starting pay rates for permanent and temporary staff in recent weeks, according to a survey of 400 recruitment and employment counseling firms.

The greatest demand for permanent jobs is in IT and IT, while for temporary jobs it is nursing and care, according to the KPMG and Confederation survey for recruitment and care. employment (REC).

Claire Warnes, KPMG, said: “The UK job market has reached near historic levels as the new year approaches.

“This is despite the fact that it is losing some of the buzz with the pace of the acceleration in demand for staff, with wage and salary growth and vacancies all slowing down slightly.

“Employers in all industries have not lost the urge to hire, but many will be frustrated by the pressure these inflationary and competitive conditions, which are expected to continue for some time, are putting on their operating costs and their capacity for expansion ”.

REC CEO Neil Carberry said, “2022 will be the year we find out that staff shortages survive the pandemic as an economic problem.

“This survey shows once again how tight the labor market was at the end of last year. The demand for staff is increasing in all sectors and regions of the UK, and the availability of candidates is still declining.

“These trends have been slowing for a few months, but this is not surprising given the record pace of change earlier in fall 2021.

“Companies need to make sure they respond to the long-term challenges of this market, giving more thought to what they offer to people and how to shape their future workforce. “

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