The Dorset Police Federation is calling on drivers to stay calm at the pumps.

Yesterday there were traffic problems in Weymouth caused by drivers queuing for fuel at Morrisons and Sainsburys

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Police are urging Dorset drivers to use caution at pumps as fuel problems appear to be easing.

James Dimmack is from the Dorset Police Federation.

He told Greatest Hits Radio Dorset:

“If you normally wanted to refuel, refuel. If you normally put in £ 10, put £ 10. But if you act outside the norm, that’s when gas stations can’t. handle this, as they work for tight margins.

There were traffic problems again in Weymouth yesterday as drivers lined up for gas at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

Yesterday we told you that South Wester Ambulance Service and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue said 999 calls were unaffected by the shortage.

But what about the Dorset Police?

James Dimmack said:

“We tend to work in rural areas so there may not be that many gas stations, but if they are starved of fuel it could become a problem.

“This is not a scenario that has happened yet, but it is a situation that we of course want to avoid.”

“I go back to the fuek shortages 21 years ago, I am hopeful it will not be so prolonged and if we can stay calm and act normally I hope it will be canceled.”

Meanwhile, the fuel shortage is affecting local sport.

Dorchester Town had to postpone its visit to Truro City last night.

The game was one of more than 30 games reported by the Southern League.

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