The most “requested” seaside towns for house hunters revealed

Bournemouth, on the south coast of England, is the most requested seaside hot spot for homebuyers in 2021.

Remote working has seen more and more people leave cities, which means searches for coastal property have increased dramatically.


Most Popular Coastal Cities For Shoppers According To Rightmove Data

At the same time, city buyers looking for their dream beachfront property are driving up house prices, sometimes even excluding locals from the market.

Searching for Properties Rightmove analyzed the searches on its website to identify the most popular areas.

He defined the most demanded coastal areas as those that received the highest number of buyer requests in 2021.

The most popular area was Bournemouth, where prices rose to an average of £ 317,449. The second most sought after was Southampton, followed by Brighton, Blackpool and Poole.

The study also tracked which coastal regions experienced the largest percentage increases in searches.

These promising areas are rising rapidly in the rankings as more and more people consider moving there.

Searches in Lancashire have increased by 32%, making them the first coastal rising star. Next, Blackpool, where searches increased by 21%.

Three locations tied for third, each recording a 15% increase in searches: Great Yarmouth, Swansea and Saltburn-By-The-Sea which is in Cleveland.

Unsurprisingly, all the additional demand is pushing up coastal prices, which is good news for anyone looking to sell in these areas.

Padstow in Cornwall saw the biggest increase in house prices, with averages rising 20% ​​to £ 658,588.

Asking prices in Whitby jumped 17% to £ 254,218, while costs in St Ives rose 15% to £ 473,161.

The fourth highest increases in house prices were recorded in Porthcawl, in south Glamorgan, where averages reached £ 307,051.

Rightmove tracked activity on its website between January 1 and November 24, 2021 and compared it to the same time period in 2020.

But the sharp rise in price as demand for coastal properties explodes could make access to the housing ladder more difficult for some people.

Tim Bannister, Director of Real Estate Data at Rightmove, said: “In terms of average asking price growth, owners in Cornwall and Devon are the real winners this year, with properties in some areas beating the national average, although this means that it is more and more difficult for some inhabitants to climb the ladder.

“Overall this is the year when, either through changed lifestyle priorities or the ability to work remotely, living in coastal areas became possible for more buyers. , which is reflected in the data we see in this study. “

How To Cut Costs When Buying Your Dream Home

Here are some of our top tips for cutting costs if you want to get closer to the sea.

Make low offers

Do not set your sights on a single property, instead make low offers on several in the same area. Make sure you have your principle mortgage, as it could help convince sellers.

Shop for a mortgage

Make sure you use a mortgage broker in the entire market, rather than just going to your bank.

Taking the tour can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees.

Check all fees and charges

Low interest rates are important when choosing a mortgage, but they’re not the only factor to consider. Make sure you factor in all costs, including set-up fees, prepayment charges, and interest once your transaction is complete.

Get carried away

Paying someone to pack your bags certainly reduces the stress of moving, but it can get expensive. If you pack your bags yourself, you can save hundreds.

Save on lawyer fees

Some lawyers will charge you less if you are referred by your broker. Others charge less for loyal customers.

Check the reviews because you want to make sure your lawyer is fast and reliable, but shop around to get a good deal.

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