The town of Dorset is no longer considered one of the worst places to live in the UK and here’s why

A beloved town in Dorset that was previously considered one of the worst places to live in the UK is, and rightly so, no longer on the list.

We reported that Boscombe was on a list compiled by in which pollsters ranked the city as the 33rd worst place to live in the country in 2021.

However, with the start of a new year, Boscombe is no longer in the 2022 poll, which is great news for area residents who disagreed with last year’s ranking.

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We took to the streets of Boscombe to ask locals what they thought of the ranking, and the majority felt it was an unfair portrayal of the city.

One resident said: “You have a lot of characters in Boscombe, and I think that sometimes gets an unfair reputation.”

Another resident thinks the people of Boscombe are what makes the town so vibrant and considers it ‘unique’.

The online survey conducted by is based on a poll in which its readers vote for the city they consider to be the worst.

In this year’s poll, a total of 110,172 readers voted and luckily Boscombe has all but disappeared.

Frequently cited as ‘the drug capital of the south’, official crime statistics from last year revealed that over the past three years, the number of drug offenses has nearly doubled in Boscombe. compared to its densely populated neighbor, Southbourne.

It has also been officially recognized as a ‘city to be regenerated’ by the government, with the Chancellor having set aside nearly £ 22million to transform the area in the 2021 budget.

Last March, Boscombe was also promised more housing, new community spaces and better infrastructure, and is expected to be the location of Dorset’s own shine.

Boscombe could also be considered a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious town, as it is home to the region’s only plastic-free refill supermarket.

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Boscombe takes care of the environment with an eco-friendly plastic-free supermarket, Just 1 Swap

The Just 1 Swap store on Main Street is a zero waste supermarket that aims to encourage shoppers to reuse and refill their old containers to reduce our use of plastic. It also encourages shoppers to buy only what they need to reduce food waste.

Along the main drag are many other popular independent shops, such as Cafe Boscanova, recognized by Tripadvisor as the Travelers’ Choice in 2021 (pictured in the main image).

Boscombe is also located right next to the UK’s most demanded coastal town, so you are likely to find some spectacular properties in the area. Some of them may even have a sea view.

Boscombe Elephant Mural Photo
Artist Krishna Mallaon’s elephant wall painting celebrates Boscombe’s rich history

There is a lot of good things to say about Boscombe, and the schools in the area are no exception. This is something some families will need to consider if they are considering a move, and Boscombe is full of good schools.

King’s Park Academy and Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School, schools rated “good” by Ofsted, shouldn’t be inspected anytime soon.

We may be biased, but we are happy to see that this wonderful city is no longer on the list.

While we have only listed a few reasons why Boscombe is such a unique and vibrant city, there is no doubt that there are many more positive reasons than listed here.

We just hope that these reasons will be enough to prevent it from appearing again in the annual survey.

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