‘This is our best shot for travel’: Tourism Australia launches vaccination campaign

Tourism Australia has unveiled a new campaign to encourage Australians to support the travel industry by getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and being ready to go as soon as restrictions ease.

The campaign, titled ‘This is our best shot at traveling’, was launched late last week with a toolbox which offers a range of ways for the travel industry to share the message, including social media assets, email signature, website sticker, and even a Zoom background.

Speaking at an industry webinar on Friday, Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison praised the industry and media partners who were “really adding their voices to the wave” of support to get more people vaccinated. people and reduce reluctance to immunize.

“One voice may not make a difference, but many voices singing on the same choir score really start to make a difference,” she said.

“We just want to make sure that the wave of voices encouraging people to get vaccinated so that we can get back to our way of life of traveling, seeing family and friends and reconnecting, again, come together. done while being vaccinated. “

Harrison said Tourism Australia released a range of full-page color ads in all major metropolitan markets last weekend “just to try and start the conversation” on the vaccination initiative.

Tourism Australia has also created a commercial events version of its vax campaign, “This is our best shot at events”, which will incorporate the hashtag used in the Business Events Council of Australia campaign.

Australian Tourism Export Council CEO Peter Shelley praised Tourism Australia’s campaign.

“Tourism businesses across Australia, regional and metropolitan, are in limbo with no visitors and no clear future, and the only solution to their predicament is for Australians to get vaccinated,” he said.

“Vaccination is the only way for us to be able to travel in Australia and abroad, to welcome our international visitors again and to see our friends and family again.

“We welcome this positive initiative which will be well received and widely adopted by tourism businesses across the country. “

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