Travelers set up camp at the disused BH Active site in Bournemouth

A caravan group from the Traveler community have set up camp at the disused BH Active site in Queens Park, Bournemouth. Units that consist of large built-in motorhomes can be seen on the site today (June 9).

The large site is in the parking lot of the former sports centre, adjacent to a primary school. These “unauthorized camps” are so named when a group of people settles on land that does not belong to them and without the consent of the owner.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council have recognized the site and can be seen monitoring the situation in the area. A BCP spokesperson confirmed: “An unauthorized encampment has formed consisting of 14 living units and vehicles associated with Queens Park BH Live, Queens Park Drive.

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Once an unauthorized encampment is in place, local authorities begin statutory welfare checks with those on site and assess the impact of the encampment. BCP continues: “Our staff will be on site to carry out the legal welfare and education needs assessment, as well as any necessary risk assessments to determine the level of support to be provided to the group. We assure Liaison with Dorset Police.”

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