UK tourism campaign brutally mocks comparing Bournemouth to Los Angeles

Traveling seems to be the only thing on everyone’s mind with summer fast approaching, and all the free time and tan that comes with it.

But it seems some are so desperate to get up and go that they are simply content with what they already have in the UK.

Coast With The Most, a Dorset-based tourism agency, recently launched a slightly cantankerous campaign comparing the British south coast of Bournemouth to the sunny vistas of none other than Los Angeles.

Bournemouth Pier. Credit: Alamy

Known for his grueling satire, relentless mockery and hilarious social commentary, the Archbishop of Banterbury – a social media meme page with 3.7 million Instagram followers – recently took to the platform to set the clocks back.

The meme page has totally ripped up the Dorset tourism campaign poster which shows a snapshot of Bournemouth Pier on one of the sunniest days in the UK with the text ‘Feels like LA’ branded on it.

With a simple but effective answer of “Never told anyone”, the Archbishop of Banterbury perfectly summed up what we were all thinking.

The campaign was mocked online.  Credit: Coast With The Most
The campaign was mocked online. Credit: Coast With The Most

The account captioned the post, “Who are they trying to fool with this shit”, and has since been backed by a flood of Instagram commenters who shared their similar views on the matter.

While the comments section is mostly saturated with laughing emojis and insider knowledge about the seaside town of Bournemouth natives, one person wrote: ‘They are wrong at this point.

“I’m sure by LA they meant Lancaster,” another commented.

One of the most liked comments, receiving over 350 likes, reads: “Has anyone been to LA? It’s terrible. Bournemouth is definitely nicer.”

The meme follows a £175,000 campaign called ‘Feels like’, which aims to compare UK cities and locations to your top and most popular destinations abroad.

Some include Southbourne compared to party island Ibiza or Poole Bay compared to Greece.

The chairman of the Destination Management Board who helped create the campaign, David Bailey, said: “We want to change people’s minds with this campaign and encourage them to look at the region differently.

Bailey added: “We want them to see that you can have that Spanish feeling here.”

While it’s clear that this tourism campaign hasn’t fooled anyone, it’s pleasing to see the optimism of UK tourism agencies sticking to their ‘staycations’.

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