“We don’t need to have an international vacation”

The greatest credit to Boris Johnson for a very strong speech on the climate at the United Nations speaking of the need for humanity to grow and take responsibility for our planet.

Our adolescent immaturity not making the hard decisions to reign in the wanton destruction of the climate.

By asking the question what do we need in our modern world? What is the excess mass consumption of adolescents on a gargantuan scale?

Not what people want to hear, but in the face of reality, we don’t have to have an international vacation.

The global international air transport industry with 100,000 polluting planes in the sky every day is causing enormous climate damage.

We don’t need – we don’t need to have – an international mass-polluting cruise industry.

We don’t have to ship billions of tons of products to one side of the planet daily for mass consumption on the other side.

Large quantities in a few weeks in decaying landfills.

And do we really have to consume 200 million carcasses of cattle per week worldwide to survive?

In the process, destroying countless square kilometers of forests and woods.

Covid has started to calm the world down. Climate pollution was decreasing.

But now we are all operational again, mass consumption, no constraints, total destruction of the climate.

Notably, BCP recently added “centers of excellence” to its climate public relations, defining policies to deal with rising sea levels and the consequences of flash flooding and climate instability.

But as still not a word from BCP dealing with the source of the problem.

Anything but cutting back on mass tourism events impacting the climate, committing to planting trees en masse, stepping into a 1,000 megawatt offshore wind farm, which would make the difference.

The tough clothing decisions are not made. Business as usual.


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