Weymouth 1-4 Altrincham: Alty punishes Terras


Colclough 34, 60, Kosylo 57, 89

TEN-MAN Weymouth suffered another heavy loss under difficult circumstances as Altrincham claimed a 4-1 victory at Bob Lucas Stadium.

After playing well in the opening trade, Weymouth’s afternoon turned sour when Tom Bearwish was sent off for denying Matty Kosylo a clear scoring opportunity.

Ryan Colclough looped the visitors in front and caught his brace with a superb strike in the second half after Kosylo came home.

Taofiq Olomowewe’s first goal for Weymouth was unsuccessful as Kosylo scored four per minute.

Weymouth boss Brian Stock has made five changes to the squad that started the 4-0 loss to leaders Chesterfield last Saturday.

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Ollie Harfield was suspended following his red card, while Ben Morgan, Ben Thomson, Omar Mussa and Andreas Robinson missed the game.

Martell Taylor-Crossdale and Tom Blair entered for their first starts, the latter making his debut.

Tom Blair made his Weymouth debut Photo: MARK PROBIN

Taylor-Crossdale has secured his first start after making four substitution appearances so far.

Brandon Goodship, Sean Shields and Cameron Murray were the other new starters.

Robinson, Mussa and Morgan fell to the bench, while Brad Ash and Ahkeem Rose made up the rest of the dugout.

Looking to move quickly from the heavy defeat to leaders Chesterfield last time around, Weymouth got the first shot on target.

Blair won a corner from which Olomowewe led Shields’ delivery straight to a grateful Tony Thompson in Alty’s goal.

Blair was involved again in the 10th minute, winning a corner after Bearwish’s explosive run, but Josh Leslie-Smith was penalized for a push.

Altrincham then started to gain a foothold in the game when Danny Whitehead bowed and Dan Mooney brought a solid save from Weymouth goalkeeper Ross Fitzsimons.

Goodship was sharp from the start and his vigilance in pouncing on a loose ball resulted in Weymouth’s next shot, with Thompson going down well to save the striker’s shot at the near post.

Blair won a third corner of the game for Weymouth – but the free kick had the effect of reducing the hosts to 10 men.

When Alty cleared the corner for Shields there didn’t seem to be any danger, only for a premature slide from Bearwish to put Kosylo 50 yards away.

Bearwish recovered well, but a smart dart through Kosylo’s defender drew minimal and unintentional contact, with referee Daniel Lamport wielding red for refusing a clear scoring opportunity.

Kosylo completed the free kick and Mooney let out a volley as the hosts assumed complete control.

Weymouth’s revamped pack saw Blair replace Bearwish’s right-back but Colclough exploited cover as he dissected a gap between Blair and Shields to jump into the zone before completing a nice shot in the far corner .

Kosylo unleashed a wide volley before a Goodship corner ended as a rare glow died down for the hosts.

That impression changed when a Leslie-Smith race and research crossover nearly joined Taylor-Crossdale.

Dorset Echo: Martell Taylor-Crossdale took his first steps for the club Photo: MARK PROBINMartell Taylor-Crossdale took his first steps for the club Photo: MARK PROBIN

Alty continued to dominate after the break as Kosylo forced Fitzsimons to make a good save and Marcus Dinanga managed an effort against the far post.

Altrincham made it 2-0 in the 57th minute, unleashing an insane flurry of three goals in five minutes.

The exceptional winger took advantage of a nice save by Fitzsimons from submarine Tom Peers to force his effort through the Weymouth keeper.

Colclough then increased the score to 3-0 as he soared inside from the right and hit home just inside the far corner, leaving Fitzsimons little chance .

Weymouth recovered some consolation thanks to Olomowewe’s first goal for the club, his header looping from a short corner coming off the bar.

Dorset Echo: Taofiq Olomowewe, second from right, scored his first goal at Weymouth Photo: MARK PROBINTaofiq Olomowewe, second from right, scored his first goal at Weymouth Photo: MARK PROBIN

Kosylo hit the bar in the 72nd minute with a magnificent diving shot before Adam Porter crashed into the woodwork with one minute out of time.

On the rebound, Alty recycled the ball and Joel Senior placed his low cross on a plate for Kosylo two yards away, burying his second and dooming Weymouth to a second consecutive heavy loss.

Terras: Fitzsimons, Cordner, Goodship, McQuoid (Mussa 79), Bearwish, Leslie-Smith, Taylor-Crossdale, Blair, Murray, Olomowewe, Shields (Rose 79). Unused subscribers: Robinson, Morgan.

Altrincham: Thompson, Hannigan, Mooney (Peers 46), Porter, Dinanga, Colclough (Hampson 70), Kosylo, Fitzpatrick (Pringle 80), Senior, Mullarkey, Whitehead. Unused subscribers: Digie, Leitch-Smith.

Arbitrator: Daniel Lamport

Participation: 932

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