What the Newspaper Say – August 23

Boris Johnson’s long-awaited appeal to Joe Biden to extend his deadline for grace flights from Kabul amid strained US-UK relations made headlines on Monday.

The Prime Minister will plead with US President Joe Biden tomorrow at the virtual summit of G7 leaders to leave US troops at Kabul airport beyond the end of August to facilitate evacuations, The Guardian reports.

And the I says tensions are growing between Britain and the United States over how long Mr Biden plans to leave his troops at the airport.

The Daily mail tells a similar story and adds that fears that mercy flights from Kabul will be interrupted within 48 hours.

The Daily Express also leads on this increasingly tense issue, under the title “Time is running out for trapped British”.

Corn The temperature said Britain’s deadline for humanitarian flights had been extended and that there would be a “mass airlift” to evacuate 6,000 Britons and Afghans from the “chaos of Kabul”.

The daily telegraph Also says Mr Johnson will “push Biden” on withdrawal from Afghanistan, while also signaling the urgency of Covid may mean flu shots will not be effective this winter.

The Financial Time picks up on another geopolitical aspect of the US-led pullout under the headline “Johnson Hosts Crisis Talks As Role Emerges for China and Russia.”

And Metro focuses on the British paratrooper shown holding a baby in an iconic Kabul airport image, which says “I was just doing my duty”.

In other news, the Daily Mirror Says the family of a woman damaged to her left brain by Beverley Allitt fear the “murder nurse” will soon be released from prison on parole.

And the Star of the day leads on forecasts of a new heat wave for Britain.

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