What the Newspaper Say – May 7

The dispute in Jersey over fishing rights and positive economic developments are making headlines today.

The sun applauds the navy when they see the demonstration around the main port of the Channel Island, St Helier, under the title “Take sprat” on the theme of fish.

the Daily Star works with “’Allo’ Allo! French fishermen are withdrawing after the Brexit battle ”.

the Daily mail said the French fishermen executed a “familiar maneuver”, calling it “Le grand abandon”.

And Subway calls the fishing skirmish a “smash & crab”, reporting on the “French retreat” after a British boat was struck.

Meanwhile, the The telegraph of the day reports the “battle of the lobster pots” but leads to the end of the masks in the classrooms.

the Daily Express slashes forecasts of a strong rebound in the UK economy, saying it is expected to grow at its fastest pace in 70 years.

Time leads on the same story, while also pointing out that people under the age of 40 will be offered alternatives to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The independent carries the history of vaccination while signaling that the fishing dispute with France is still not resolved.

Families yearning for a summer vacation should know which countries are on Britain’s green list today, according to the Daily Mirror.

And travel agencies will encourage people to take international trips by providing discounted Covid test kits for those who need a clean checkup to travel abroad, according to the I.

the Financial Times says German leader Angela Merkel is resisting US President Joe Biden’s request to waive patents on Covid vaccines.

And The Guardian is leading on the recommendation of an investigation for an additional £ 104 billion to spend on ‘rebuilding the NHS’.

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